Neekolul busted using iPhone to promote OnePlus deal

Yet again, the Mexican-American Twitch streamer known as Neekolul has accepted loads of money to promote a product she has previously expressed disdain for.

Neekolul, a Twitch streamer who was once caught poor shaming low-income earners, enjoys the spotlight. Unfortunately, the attention she is currently receiving is not for the best. Although many people do not see the problem with the 23-year-old Twitch streamer’s recent activities, others criticise her for not practising what she teaches.

Neekolul sprang to prominence after appearing in a TikTok video in which she, Nicole Sanchez, was dancing about to the meme song ‘OK boomer’ while wearing a high-cut blue Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt. The Twitch streamer later formally declared that she was endorsing Bernie Sanders for the 2020 presidential race, but she later changed her endorsement to Joe Biden after the socialist contender was cheated out of the race yet again by the Democrat party.

However, Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez was then exposed on Twitter in 2017 for bragging about how much her partner spent on her breast enlargement operation and poverty shaming low income individuals.

Neekolul OnePlus

Neekolul posted a picture of herself holding the new flagship OnePlus android phone, but she doesn’t look all that excited fans claim.

“Get a real job that pays the minimum wage. “I’m not giving them handouts because they brought me one drink and a plate,” Neekolul tweeted in 2017. The socialist Twitch streamer’s remark was thought to be disrespectful and hypocritical because she relied on contributions from her Twitch streams to cover her bills at the time.

Since the “EAT THE RICH” celebrity gave a tour of her USD$2 million luxurious property in Austin, Texas, even fewer people have donated, let alone watched, her Twitch streams. During the apartment tour video, Neekolul talked about her high-rise flat’s gorgeous view, as well as her pricey streaming setup and wardrobe stuffed wall-to-wall with luxury apparel.

But, despite the fact that she isn’t making nearly as much money from donations as she did when she first rose to stardom, Neekolul doesn’t appear to be too concerned about money. Nicole Sanchez has secured many sponsorship deals with major organisations, the most recent being OnePlus, and was even handed a brand new BMW worth about $100K for free in exchange for promoting the car company.

Shortly after advertising her management team 100 Thieves’ collaboration with Gucci, Neekolul advertised another item [OnePlus] for a monetary transaction, and even her die-hard admirers are perplexed because they’ve always known her to be “team iPhone.”

“Wait, I though you were team iPhone all the way? Last time I asked, you said you wouldn’t be caught dead with an android phone? Where’s your loyalty gone, Neeko? I guess enough money can change anyone,” a fan of her’s commented.

Team Android? lol

Ooops. Neekolul pretended to be excited about the new OnePlus android phone but posted her promotion from her iPhone. Big fail.

The socialist, former poverty shaming, 100 Thieves content creator revealed her relationship with OnePlus with a photo of herself clutching the company’s new flagship phone.

Another fan remarked, “You don’t even look that excited to be holding the phone.” Others pointed out that her support for the OnePlus Android handset was posted from an iPhone, which made the promotion seem like a failure.

During her livestreams, Neekolul apparently bashed Android phones and stated that she is “Team iPhone for life.” That is why many of her closest followers are truly confused as to why she was supporting OnePlus on her Twitter timeline.

Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez’s eighth official sponsor is OnePlus. On her Twitter banner, she has the logos of seven different companies: Rocket Mortgage, TRULY Hard Seltzer alcoholic beverages, Cash App, Chipotle, JBL, Rockstar Energy Drink, and Omen.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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