EDP has child abuse content on PC/phone claims former friend

“I’m f***ed!” Anonymous person claiming to still have contact with Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland says that the disgraced YouTuber is scared of FBI searching his PC and phone.

Despite being exposed for attempting to meet with a minor for a little more than a cupcake, EDP445, 30, thrives to succeed on the internet regardless of the public opinion that stands against him. Bryant Moreland continues to post videos online and has teased his dwindling fanbase that the “EDP445 movement is still happening.”

Bryant Moreland, a 30-year-old black YouTuber famously known for his online handle EDP445, believes he has a future as an influencer despite being exposed by Alex Rosen and the Predator Poachers for sexting and planning to meet up with a decoy he believed was 14-years-old.

However, the sting operation performed by Alex Rosen, aka Chet Goldstein, and Predator Poachers was so unorganised and professionals that the authorities could not use any of the evidence captured to follow through with an arrest of Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland.

Separate Investigation.

MarshmallowsAlexandra, a member of Predator Poachers who was involved in catfishing EDP445, revealed that she and her friend initially contacted EDP445 which Moreland’s legal defence could fight a s entrapment. The chat log even shows that the decoy emotionally manipulated Moreland into meeting up with her.

EDP445 confronted by PP Alex Rosen

EDP445 was confronted by Alex Rosen (Chet Golgstein) of Predator Poachers and another YouTuber in controversial and very unprofessional sting operation in Los Angeles, California.

As things stand Moreland is a free man and won’t be charged for sexting and planning to meet with a decoy he believed to be 14-years-old. But the authorities have confirmed that a separate investigation–or rather parallel constriction–is underway.

The Los Angeles Police Department is in the process of building a parallel, or separate, evidentiary basis for a criminal investigation in order to conceal how an investigation actually began.

EDP has not seen a lawyer.

Our legal professional has speculated that Mr Moreland has not sought legal counselling because he continues to have open communication with the public; which apparently is a big no no.

“After being exposed for something as serious as this, regardless of the professionalism of the sting, I am astonished that Moreland continues to make appearances online. Although the evidence gathered by Mr Rosen cannot be used in court, that doesn’t mean law enforcement isn’t keep an eye on him. And everything he says online can and will be used against him in the court of law,” our legal adviser said.

EDP with a shotgun

EDP made to follow-up videos shortly after being exposed for meeting up with a decoy he believed to be 14-years-old promosing a brand new website and the continuation of “the movement.”

Concluding, “I highly doubt that Mr Moreland has made any attempts to contact an attorney. Any one with any legal background would tell him to remain silent.”

Friend thinks he has CP on PC.

An anonymous person who claims was once a close friend of EDP445 believes that he may in fact have contraband on his computer and phone after talking to him after the failed sting.

“I talked to EDP on the phone a few days ago for a couple of hours and he said something that rubbed me the wrong way. He said if the cops get a warrant and take his phone and his laptop he’s f***ed and I never asked why because I kind of knew why,” the anonymous poster revealed.

EDP private and direct messages

Unverified and anonymous source and alleged friend claims that EDP445 is scared of authorities searching his computer and phone.

The alleged former friend says they kept contact with Moreland because they honestly believed that this was a once-and-done type of mistake, but they don’t believe that anymore.

The source is believed to be Phillipe, a close friend of EDP455 [Mr Moreland], who has maintained contact with him since after the Predator Ping string, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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