Indiefoxx permanently banned for ASMR farts stream

Shortly after losing its partnership with the streaming giant Twitch, Twitch streamer Jenelle Dagres, better known as Indiefoxx was banned. The ban is reportedly final and permanent and has been the result of several serious breaches of the terms and conditions of the platform.

Jenelle Dagres, a 26-year-old Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model known as Indiefoxx, is one of the platform’s most contentious egirl streamers. Jenelle Dagres, also known as Indiefoxx, levelled harsh and verifiably false claims against Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein, a renowned World of Warcraft and League of Legends streamer who committed suicide shortly after at the age of 31.

Despite there being no evidence that Indiefoxx’s to suggest her allegations had anything to do with the this, the timing led many to believe that at least it was the last stroke. Byron was alleged to have proposed the love of his life immediately before to the complaints. In addition, those who created content had previously ended up with similar, unfounded accusations.

Indiefoxx farting during Twitch ASMR stream

Why was she banned? Indiefoxx farts into microphone for overly sexualised ASMR Twitch stream.

Indiefoxx expressed no contrition, instead simply deleted the Twitlonger post and refused to discuss them any further. She even added the streamer’s name to the word censor list after the event. However, while losing relevancy, she immediately altered her stream style and began making borderline NSFW livestreams by abusing Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Indiefoxx has been suspended eight times since the beginning of the year for breaking the sexual activity and conduct restrictions, with the eighth being the final and permanent suspension.

A source close to Twitch has confirmed this ban is, in fact, permanent. However, she is trying to appeal the process and reportedly is willing to “pay a fine” for her infringement.

“She’s been permanently banned but she’s trying to appeal it asking for a 30 day ban and a fine instead. I don’t know much more than that, to be honest. But Twitch have reversed permanent bans before… so who knows,” the source told POPTOPIC.

Indiefoxx was reportedly banned for an overly sexualised ASMR stream where she farts into her microphone. The farting Twitch streamer known as Jenelle ‘Indiefoxx’ Dagres may have lost her Twitch account but she continues to post content on OnlyFans.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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