Jake Paul prepares to sue Justine Paradise for slander

Justine Paradise, a former TikTok star who now works as an OnlyFans model, accused Jake Paul of abuse just days before his big fight and now he’s preparing to take her to court to sue her.

Justine Paradise, an aspiring OnlyFans model, went forwards with some damaging claims that might put the controversial YouTuber and celebrity boxer Jake Paul’s career on hold. But she can’t confirm she’s ever said anything like this before.

A 24-year-old TikTok influencer turned OnlyFans model shared a video on Twitter claiming former Team 10 founder Jake Paul of sexual assault a week before his major fight with MMA UFC professional Ben Askren.

In the video, Paradise states she first met Paul in June 2019 through a mutual friend. She claims she flirted with Paul via text messages around a month and a half before the alleged assault. When Justine Paradise saw Jake Paul in person, she alleges she experienced strange vibes and felt uneasy around him.

Jake Paul knocked retired MMA fighter Ben Askren unconscious in under a minute.

“He would ask me to come over, I would, and then when I was there, he wouldn’t talk to me,” she explained, noting that he texted her frequently while they were in the same room. “I’m just guessing he always got what he wanted and never had to develop social skills and, like, talk to people — girls just flock to him, which is what I saw there.”

She continues to describe how Jake Paul pressed herself on her on one particular day. Paul allegedly held Justine Paradise down one day while pushing himself inside her, according to Justine. Jake Paul is said to have outlasted his previous opponent Ben Askren in the ring, but not in bed.

Many people have criticised Paradise for being contradictory with her narrative, questioning why she would readily jump into bed with him, kiss and fool around with him if she was uncomfortable with him and thought he was strange. Paradise stated that she only wanted to be “kissing friends” with Jake Paul and that she did not want to do the deed with him because she disliked him in that sense. But, she claimed, that didn’t deter him.

Justine Paradise now sells lewd adult content on her OnlyFans page.

Paul didn’t waste any time in responding to the allegations, calling them absurd and completely false. He accused Justine Paradise of trying to profit from the attention surrounding his fight by promoting her OnlyFans account. Paul also stated that he will file a lawsuit against Paradise and will “fight this to the end.”

This is the first time any of Justine Paradise’s friends have heard of it, according to a former buddy. From the time the claimed attack occurred two years ago until the present, she has never told any of her friends about it.

“I don’t doubt that this happened but I believe she’s making a big deal out of something that was probably consensual to get some recognition. I’m not a fan of Jake Paul, but why bring this up a week before his fight?,” her friend said, insinuating that she might be lying about not consenting to the activities.

Paradise, unfortunately, bears the burden of evidence. It is up to her to back up her incredibly severe charges with evidence, not for Jake Paul to establish his innocence. She is liable for the damages caused to Paul’s career and business by her defamation if she cannot produce reliable proof that the events she claimed in the video occurred.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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