Ethan Klein is pushing YouTube to ban DramaAlert

H3H3 Podcast host Ethan Klein has reportedly had a conversation with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki about permanently banning Keemstar and his DramaAlert channel.

“Keem needs to be very careful,” an anonymous source close to YouTube told us. “YouTube staff have been told to strike his channel [DramaAlert] for minor policy violations.”

According to the source Ethan and Hila Klein set up a call with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to discuss “the problematic and toxic nature” of Keemstar and his content [DramaAlert]. And now YouTube staff have been told to comb his content with a fine tooth comb to find any potential policy violations, this includes “edgy jokes.”

“Starting Monday Team YouTube will be extensively reviewing his [Keem’s] content for any policy violations. Ethan Klein raised the issue with Susan after videos of him calling him a ‘greedy Jew’ and sending his followers to tweet ‘death to all Jews at him’,” the source said.

Ethan and Hila Klein with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

Ethan and Kila Klein maintained a very close and personal, as well as professional, relationship with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki after her appearance on the H3H3 Podcast.

The YouTube CEO reportedly took great offence to Keem’s remarks as she is is also of Jewish descent being a Polish American.

Ethan Klein has been accused of exploiting the Israeli-Palestine conflict by digging up 6-year-old videos of Daniel Keem and taking several clips of him saying some edgy things out of context, painting him as an anti-Semite in a period of division and crisis.

This isn’t the first time Ethan has been accused of exploiting a tragedy and weaponizing it against a content creator he didn’t like. Last year Ethan Klein dug up Instagram photos of former YouTuber Calvin Lee Vail, better known as Leafy or LeafyIsHere, showing his gun and posted a clip of him in the city during a protest.

He insinuated that Leafy was a danger to society and might murder someone during the protests, shortly after Rittenhouse incident. Shortly after Ethan Klein’s tweet, Leafy was permanently banned of YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and even Instagram.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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