Pokimane hates American men, according to her friend

This might not come as a total surprise to anyone, but one of Pokimane’s old friends claims that she “really hates Americans.” Was she joking or is the Twitch starlet really that bitter?

One of our readers tipped us out to Pokimane. Somebody who claims to be close with her alleges that she has a vendetta against men in general, but especially against American guys. Does she really hate Americans?

Pokimane seems like such a sweetheart when she streams for her many millions of fans. You’d expect that she’d be a happy little bee especially considering she has her dream job and is worth millions of dollars. I mean, she never needs to worry about money ever again in her life!

However, the girl we all assumed was a saint is really vindictive and is on some kind of weird agenda to get back at American men. Pokimane really hates Americans?

“We were friends, but she ghosted me. She didn’t like the company I kept. For some reason I was guilty by association,” the insider told DramaReport. “It was for the dumbest reasons really.”

“I was trying to become a fulltime streamer and YouTuber a couple of years ago, and I was doing quite well for myself. I got noticed by some of the bigger creators on the platform and things were really looking up for me,” she added.

Pokimane selfie

Pokimane fun fact: The 25-year-old Twitch streamer isn’t not really a big gamer, she only played her first game at the age of 19 and did it because she was told that she’d make a lot of money doing it!

“In the past few years, I’ve been working hard to become a full-time streamer and YouTuber. Things were looking up for me until some of the platform’s more well-known creators took notice of me “she went on to say.4

“One of the bigger talents to pop-in to my DMs was Pokimane. I really couldn’t believe. At first things were great. She’d give me advice on how to grow my channel and how to, and I kid you not, ‘exploit men out of their money’. Back then I just thought it was a part of her strange sense of humor. Anyone who knows Imane on slightly more personal level knows that she’s kind of weird.

“She told me to keep my personal life private and never to talk about boys. That was kind of hard for me as I just got engaged and I really wanted to share that with the world. I also didn’t want to mislead men on and swindle money out of them. Anyways, a few months passed and one day I got a message from Imane. She had found out that I was a friend of Calvin’s.”

Calvin Lee Vail, better known as LeafyIsHere, was a YouTube and Twitch streamer who was critical of Pokimane’s content and online activities.

“She made it immediately known that she didn’t trust me. I told her that I don’t take Leafy’s content seriously and that she shouldn’t either, but she went on a short rant about how she’s going to ruin his career and anyone who associates with him. I was kind of shocked.

“I tried to reason with her and told her that Leafy was just joking in his videos, but she insisted that she does not just hate Leafy but Americans, mainly American men.

“A couple of weeks later I saw that LeafyIsHere was banned. He told me it was for harassment and threat of violence against another person. He wasn’t sure who but he was almost certain it was Pokimane, especially after I told him how she reacted to finding out that we were friends.

“She ghosted and blocked me. A lot of my old friends even suddenly stopped talking to me too. I got paranoid that she was coming for me so I just retired my Twitch and YouTube account. It kind of sucked but I had a steady job and was about to get married… now I don’t even regret it.”

She ended her email by saying, “but yeah, the moral of the story is that Pokimane is kind of nuts and she really hates Americans… men mostly.”

Imane did tweet a negative sentiment about men in the gaming industry just before the New Year.

We asked our source to verify her claims by providing us with screenshots or chatlogs with Pokimane saying that she hates American men but she insisted that she deactivated her account and can no longer access the chats. We do find it strange that she’s only speaking out about this now and are not entirely sold on the story… but with that being said, there could be a smidgeon of truth in it.

Pokimane, HasanAbi, Destiny

Double date? From left to right: Pokimane (said that she hates American men), HasanAbi (not American, also hates America), Destiny, Melina (Destiny’s girlfriend), and I don’t care.

Pokimane also reportedly secretly dating her fellow Twitch friend Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker who, while is also not American, was recently banned for using a anti-white slur repeatedly during multiple of his livestreams.

HasanAbi also made a shocking statement about the 9/11 terrorist attacked where he insisted that the thousand of people who lost their lives that tragic die deserved it. “America deserved 9/11,” he said during one of his most controversial livestreams.

We have tried to reach out to Imane Anys for comment to no avail. We’ll’ update this article if we ever receive a response from the Twitch streamer.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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