Kiwi cosplays as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania for Halloween

The internet’s sexiest dwarf Kiwi Sunset has stepped away from posting lewd content to cosplay as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania for Halloween, and it’s wholesome and cute.

  • Kiwi is legally a dwarf.
  • She abandoned Twitch.
  • Inspired by Belle Delphine
  • Making bank selling lewd photos.
  • Posted a wholesome Mavis cosplay photo for Halloween.

Kiwi Sunset, real name unknown, is a tiny 19-year-old Floridian girl. At 4’10” Kiwi is legally and literally a dwarf… and super adorable. Sadly for some being called cute or adorable can feel belittling (no pun intended) and perhaps that’s why she’s now doing some “adult” modelling.

She started off strong on Twitch on was well on her way to partner before she just kind of gave up. Although she still has a Twitch channel, she only goes live once every blue moon. Kiwi believes she has found her calling as a lewd model and– in all honesty–she really doesn’t need to stream on Twitch anymore.

Kiwi has amassed a large following on Twitter and among her fans are some high profile YouTubers and Twitch streamers, mostly male. She often teases her followers and posts photos from her lewd sets. Judging by outfits, gaming rig, and photo quality I think it would be safe to assume that she is making bank from Patreon and Gumroad; some sets sell for as much as USD$120. I guess it is very doubtful that we’ll ever see her return to Twitch streaming.

Mavis Dracula 3D animation from Sony’s Hotel Transylvania.

Sunset revealed that one of her biggest influences is Belle Delphine; the internet’s most controversial and famous egirls. Belle Delphine, on the other hand, is known for posting more explicit content. In comparison to Belle Delphine, Kiwi could be considered a Disney princess.

Speaking of animated characters, Kiwi Sunset did cosplay as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania to celebrate Halloween and, to be frank, it is the best Mavis cosplay I’ve ever seen.

Kiwi_Sunset as Mavis
Kiwi Sunset poses as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania (image via Twitter)
Hotel Transylvania cosplay
Second photo of Kiwi Sunset cosplaying as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania (image via Twitter)

Mavis Kate Dracula/Loughran is one of the main characters of all three Hotel Transylvania movies and the main protagonist of Hotel Transylvania: The Series. She is the 118-year old daughter of Dracula and is voiced by Selena Gomez. 

These two photos are just a small sample of an entire set that Kiwi is currently editing. It is unknown whether Kiwi’s Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) cosplay set will contain lewd images so we can’t actually recommend or link to the page.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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