LeafyIsHere got depressed and fat when he first QUIT YouTube

Leafy (LeafyIsHere) got depressed gained some weight binging on alcohol and Uber Eats after he quit YouTube in December, 2017, friend says.

Calvin Lee Vail, a YouTuber more commonly known as either Leafy or LeafyIsHere, was one of the biggest earners on YouTube in 2016. His edge takes and “zero-f*cks given” kind of attitude earned him millions of fans on the popular video sharing platform.

Sadly, not everybody was fond of Leafy or his sudden explosion to the top of YouTube so he ultimately became one of the biggest targets.

Leafy undoubtedly is the Godfather of the commentary community. He found the secret formula to deliver high earning, low effort content on the daily: edgy commentary over pre-recorded gameplay. Many thousands of YouTubers tried to replicate the Leafy method with varying results, and it was pretty much the beginning of what is thought to be the “commentary community” today.

LeafyIsHere 2016

LeafyIsHere at the peak of his prime in 2016. One of the biggest earning and most popular YouTubers and the “Godfather” of the commentary community.

A lot of these creators couldn’t quite match the success that Leafy achieved and, in turn, they started targeting him, calling him out for his low effort content all-the-while labelling him a cyberbully. Eventually bigger creators joined the march against Leafy until he, himself, was in a sense bullied from the platform.

iDubbbz first creator to receive strike for harassment.

It all ended with Ian “iDubbbz” Carter making a two part video series on Leafy called “Content Cop”. In the video iDubbbz slammed Leafy for his long drawn-out transitions, his commentary, and lastly his chin. Leafy’s chin became the biggest meme of 2017 and hundreds of thousands of iDubbbz’ fans would spam his videos with comments about his appearance.

Leafy eventually quit YouTube all together and, at least according to an anonymous friend, vowed to never return.

Leafy’s departure was celebrated by iDubbbz’ and his close, personal friend and fellow content creator Ethan Klein of the H3H3 Podcuast. They called Leafy and his content “toxic” and said it had no place on YouTube in 2020. Many accused the two content creators of being hypocritical because they made similar “roasting” content. iDubbbz’ was even known for calling his viewers “n*gger f*ggots“.

Calvin had no interest in returning.

iDubbbz’ “Content Cop” video on Leafy would be the first video to be receive a strike on YouTube for their new harassment and bullying policy, but it was a too little and too late for him. He had already packed his bags and left the platform.

“He [LeafyIsHere] was done. He had no interest in returning,” an anonymous friend told us.

“He had 4 million in the bank and could essentially retire at 21. But the whole YouTube drama really affected him. He blew through a lot of money in only 6 months on alcohol and Uber Eats, several times a day even. He would rarely cook for himself,” she added.

Although Leafy was clearly depressed his friend was never worried that he would do anything dangerous or irrational.

Alcohol and Uber Eats binge made Leafy fat.

“A lot of people don’t really know this about Leafy, but he’s a well-rounded guy. He’s really only edgy for content, and even when he got depressed, he was doing okay. He just kind of let himself go.”

Leafy (LeafyIsHere) 2020 fat

Is Leafy (LeafyIsHere) fat? The former YouTuber put on some weight after 2017 according his friend.

Leafy is a very ambitious guy, his friend said. Once he saw that his bank account was draining he turned things around.

“Leafy looked at money more like points then actual currency. He’s never really been obsessed with materialistic goods. He’s more into how much money he has in account. When he saw his account drop below 4 million, he started reading up about the stock market. He could have easily made more money on YouTube, but he really had no interest in returning.”

So what was it that made Leafy flip? Why, in 2020 of all years, did Leafy return to YouTube? Especially if it wasn’t for the money? It was Daniel “Keemstar” Keem.

Keem and Leafy (LeafyIsHere) remained friends to 2020 even after the heated Baited podcast of 2017.

Leafy and Keemstar friends

Not fat Calvin Lee “Leafy/LeafyIsHere” Vail and Daniel “Keemstar” Keem remained good friends from 2017 to 2020.

“Immediately after the podcast Keem called to check up on Leafy. I don’t know Keem, but from what I’ve heard from most people who know him personally he is a very good and supportive friend off-cam,” she revealed.

He returned because of Keemstar.

“He [Keemstar] kept tabs on LeafyIsHere from 2017 to 2020 and would ask him to collaborate with him on YouTube. Eventually Leafy agreed to do it. I think it was being called out by Ethan Klein on his podcast that was the push he needed.”

Unfortunately Leafy‘s return to YouTube was extremely short-lived. He was permanently banned off YouTube after only a few months for calling popular Twitch streamer Pokimane “ugly” and saying that she has a boyfriend.

In 2020 Leafy (LeafyIsHere) tried to return to the platform using the “DramaAlert method”, that’s where he is hired by another channel that he does not own to make content for them. Once Keemstar announced that LeafyIsHere would be returning using this method, the channel known as “Weafy” was immediately and permanently banned, too.

This has people worried that DramaAlert might be the next channel to get banned. Now that is “Weafy” channel is banned it definitely sets the precedent to ban Keemstar and DramaAlert.

Apparently someone at YouTube leaked that they have Keemstar and DramaAlert on close watch and waiting for the channel to step out of line before the permanently ban it.

As for LeafyIsHere, after he was banned from YouTube and Twitch in 2020, the only place you can really see what he’s up to today is by following him on Twitter.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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