Kiwi Sunset, OnlyFans star and Twitter egirl, overtaking Belle Delphine

Kiwi Sunset seemingly came out off nowhere to become one of the most popular egirls on the internet today because of her free OnlyFans and lewd pictures.

Step aside Belle Delphine, Kiwi Sunset is coming for the title of “Egirl Queen of Simps.” The 20-something adult model first popped on the radar of bigger influencer because she resembled a young Boxxy.

Boxxy is the online pseudonym of Catie Wayne, a YouTube personality who became known on 4chan in 2009. She was adored by many for her overly excitable and wholesome charm and earned her spot in internet hall of fame.

Kiwi Sunset, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be putting on a persona, but then again very little is known about her. On her free OnlyFans account, Kiwi Sunset claims to be a “huge tease” and an “exhibitionistic sub”. She also says that she’s very “needy for your attention.”

Kiwi Sunset started off as a small time Twitch streamer where she amassed a following of 11,000 people. However, she eventually abandoned the platform because she was becoming even more popular on Twitter for her sh*tposting.

Kiwi Sunset doesn’t just post explicit content; she makes high quality cosplay content too. Here is her vampire mistress Daniela Dimitrescu cosplay from hit video game Resident Evil Village.

The tiny influencer is becoming more and more popular every day. She has close to a quarter of a million followers on her main NSFW Twitter account and roughly 50K followers on her KiwiTheSmol account. When she’s not sharing her daily thoughts and pictures of her pets–which includes 3 snakes, some lizards, spiders, a cat, and two border collies called Jojo and Caesar–on her family friendly account, Kiwi Sunset is posting raunchy lewds (but not nudes as far as I know) on to her free OnlyFans account.

Unlike Belle Delphine, Kiwi Sunset has not bared all in front of the camera, and she has not shot actual explicit videos either but with every passing month her content does seem to be getting more risque. However, her photos and cosplay sets are so aesthetically pleasing because they are far more professional than anything that Belle has produced. Her costumes are also on point.

Perhaps her need for attention comes from her size and stature as she could, quite possible, have a bit of Napoleon complex. After all, this social influencer is only 4’10” and weigh 95lb; which means that Jake Paul could easily bench her.

If this tiny egirl continues on this path she will likely become overtake Belle Delphine in no time. Hopefully, she may consider coming back to Twitch some day!

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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