Bryant “EDP445” Moreland Ruined Our Website and Livelihood

Dear cherished readers,

We come to you with heavy hearts to unveil the dark cloud that’s been looming over our once vibrant platform, steered by three friends united by a love for social media and influencer culture. Our journey took a menacing detour when Bryant “EDP445” Moreland, a disgraced former YouTuber, fixed his vengeful gaze upon us, bombarding our platform with false DMCA claims and erroneous reports.

Our narrative took a dark twist when we reported on Moreland’s predatory actions, notably the “Cupcake Incident,” where he was caught attempting to meet a minor for illicit purposes. The saga didn’t end there. Recently, Moreland was once again exposed by content creator JiDion for similar reprehensible actions, echoing a haunting pattern of predatory behavior​.

JiDion and EDP445
Bryant “EDP445” Moreland Ruined Our Website and Livelihood

Moreland’s relentless vendetta has crippled our operations, forcing us into an undesired hiatus. The false flagging and reporting have not only tarred our reputation but also ripped away the financial sustenance that kept our platform alive.

As we traverse this tumultuous path, your unwavering support has been our beacon of hope. Our aspiration is for justice to prevail, leading to Moreland’s accountability for his actions, thus enabling us to resurrect our platform from the ashes.

EDP445 confronted by PP Alex Rosen
Bryant “EDP445” Moreland Ruined Our Website and Livelihood

Despite the grim circumstances, we remain resolute and are eternally grateful for the solidarity you’ve shown us. Our commitment to truth and insightful discourse remains unyielding, as we eagerly await the day we can resume our cherished endeavor free from fear and intimidation.

In earnest anticipation for justice and a brighter tomorrow,

The Drama Report Staff

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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