Onision: In Real Life exposed documentary debunked by the YouTuber

A new Discover Plus documentary Onision: In Real Life has so many holes in it that the YouTuber himself is having fun poking fun.

YouTube has turned into 1600’s Salem. Content creators are pointing fingers at each other and screaming “witch” and commanding their army of viewers to pick up their pitch forks and attack!

One of the first content creators to ultimately get “cancelled” from also just happens to be one of the originals. Gregory James Daniel, better known as Onision, was one of the first to fill the full wrath of an outraged YouTube community.

Even before the whole “grooming” allegations, Onision was continuously targeted and harassed by other content creators. It wasn’t just his content that these people disliked, it was everything about him.

Ex-girlfriend Billie Dawn Webb believes allegations are false and is angered by new documentary.

After thousands of hate videos it became cool and popular to hate Onision and that is where several of his ex-girlfriends came out with, what at the time seemed to be, pretty damning evidence.

This lead to the now disgraced former NBC TV personality Chris Hansen visiting his door. This event went viral and Hansen earned the status of some kind of YouTube superstar. But that status was soon revoked after Chris Hansen was seemingly exposed for being a manipulative business man and a liar.

But the drama didn’t end there. Despite Onision already been basically declared a person non-grata on YouTube and Patreon banning his account because of the “grooming” allegations, several of his ex-girlfriends campaigning against him to put the final nail in his coffin.

Some of Onision’s ex-girlfriends have got to together to work on a documentary that is supposed to be the definitive proof that he is a “predator groomer” who should be locked up for life.

Whether or not any of the allegations are true, the documentary Onision: In Real Life is only damaging to his accusers… and quite insulting to real victims.

Is this just Shiloh’s revenge?

This all seems to stem from the moment that Onision broke up with Shiloh. She had a meltdown, was arrested by the police and sent to a psychiatric ward for mental evaluation.

After her failed attempt of trying to emotionally manipulate Onision into staying with her with suicide, she goes on to rant about ending his life and career.

Shiloh had a meltdown after Onision broke up with her. He had to call the cops because she threatened to kill herself. She later threatened to end his career, a promise she made good on.

“Trust me, I am capable of it,” a hysterical Shiloh is recorded saying. “I am actually going to destroy. You’re done. And then you’ll be left with nothing.”

Until recently Shiloh has got her way. Onision has very little left. But unfortunately for her, her new documentary is doing the exact opposite. This could be Onision’s redemption.

Onision DESTROYS documentary.

Onision uploaded a video responding to the documentary where he completely debunks all of the allegations made against him. He provides video, photographic and screenshot evidence to help him.

The Onision: In Real Life documentary appears to be filled with lies, and irrelevant opinions from people that know nothing about Onision except for what some random YouTube videos said.

They even went after Onision’s husband Kai. He is deliberately misgendered throughout the video by both Shiloh and Edwins Generation.

Onision and Kai welcomed Sarah into their home after she claimed that she was abused by her parents. Sarah admitted that nothing sexual happened between the three of them until she was an adult. Onision says she sexually extorted them for money.

The documentary comes across like big budget YouTube expose video, only it has less substance than most of the stuff uploaded to the popular video sharing platform. And this means that Onision can poke so many holes in these paper-thin allegations.

In a nutshell Shiloh has just handed her ex-boyfriend Onision the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. And, honestly, it might all start with a massive libel/slander lawsuit.

Billie Dawn Webb, an ex-girlfriend of Onision’s has even called this new documentary out for being blatant lies and wanted nothing to do with it.

Is this Onision’s redemption?

“F*ck Regina, and f*ck Shiloh too. I’m just so angry and can do nothing about it,” Billie Dawn Webb tweeted last August.

Whether you love or him. Onision deserves to to defend himself against these life ruining allegations. He even welcomes an investigation into the past events and is willing to take this to the courts, but so far, nothing has been done except for his accusers saying nasty things about him on the internet, and now on network television.

You can watch Onision’s response to the documentary on his YouTube channel or head on over to his Twitch channel where it is being marathon streamed.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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