Mr Beast Called Transphobic for Hershey’s Joke

Mr Beast called “transphobic capitalist fascist pig” after making joke about Hershey’s chocolate bars by radical activists.

Mr. Beast, one of YouTube‘s most successful creators with over 60 million subscribers, is no stranger to controversy. Recently, the YouTuber was falsely accused of being transphobic after making a joke about moving Hershey’s bars to make room for his Feastables chocolates.

The accusations came in the wake of Hershey’s Canada’s decision to feature a trans woman in their ad campaign for International Women’s Day. The ad, which aimed to celebrate diversity and inclusion, featured Fae Johnstone, a trans activist, alongside several biological women. While some praised the campaign for recognizing the strength in diversity, others accused Hershey’s of erasing women.

Mr. Beast, in his typical style, made a joke about moving Hershey’s bars to make more room for his chocolates. The joke was taken out of context, and some accused him of being transphobic. The accusations sparked a heated debate on social media, with some calling for Mr. Beast to be canceled.

Mr Beast asked his fans to tidy up Feastables chocolate displays at Walmart, and joked about pushing Hershey’s chocolate displays to the side.

However, these accusations are baseless and absurd. Mr. Beast’s joke had nothing to do with the Hershey’s Canada controversy and was just a harmless quip. Unfortunately, in the current climate of identity politics, even innocent jokes can be misconstrued and used to attack individuals.

The accusations against Mr. Beast are an example of how the current cancel culture has taken hold of our society. The mob mentality on social media can quickly turn on individuals and ruin their lives. This culture of outrage is toxic and is stifling free speech.

In recent years, cancel culture has become increasingly prevalent, particularly on social media platforms. The problem with cancel culture is that it often leads to mob mentality and encourages individuals to jump on the bandwagon without considering the facts. This approach can have severe consequences for individuals, including losing their jobs and reputations.

Communist Trans-activist calls Mr Beast transphobic and says he’s a “gormless capitalist f*ck,” and a “little fascist pig” for deleted Feastables/Hershey’s Twitter joke.

The accusations against Mr. Beast are a reminder of how important it is to be mindful of our words and actions, especially in the age of social media. As public figures with millions of followers, it’s crucial for individuals like Mr. Beast to set a positive example for their fans. While it’s important to hold individuals accountable for their behavior, it’s equally important to forgive and move on when they show a genuine willingness to learn from their mistakes.

Furthermore, the Hershey’s Canada controversy highlights the importance of recognizing and celebrating diversity. While some individuals accused the company of erasing women, others praised the campaign for its inclusive message. It’s crucial for us to recognize and celebrate diversity in all its forms, including gender identity.

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The accusations against Mr. Beast of being transphobic are baseless and absurd. The joke he made had nothing to do with the Hershey’s Canada controversy and was just a harmless quip. The accusations highlight the dangers of cancel culture and the importance of being mindful of our words and actions. As a society, we must strive to be more inclusive and accepting of diversity, including gender identity.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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