Ciarran exposed as a womanising, clout chasing, player

“Bachelor in Paradise” (Australia) guest Ciarran Stott was grilled by a truth detecting expert and his true colors were beginning to show. He’s not husband material.

Ciarran is one of the most wanted bachelors in paradise, but he’s definitely not the most suitable bachelor. Perhaps its just his rugged and tatted bad boy image that the girls fancy.

From the first episode Ciarran Stott seemed sketchy. Fresh off a 1-year relationship with Renee he entered the show single and ready to mingle. But now the producers have hinted at a sinister scheme planned by Kiki and and Ciarran; they planned to meet in Paradise while he was still with his ex-girlfriend.

He was smooching and sneaking into bed with multiple girls although he had previously arranged to exploit “Bachelor in Paradise” as a free holiday with his mistress, she wasn’t there when she arrived. Ciarran Stott wasted no time in bedding Jessica Brody.

Sadly for Jessica her heart was broken when Ciarran’s mistress, KiKi, arrived. But as if it mattered, anyway. The night before, Ciarran already cheated on Jessica with his ex-girlfriend, who was still very much in love with him, Renee.

Ciarran promised Renee that get back together on the show

According to Renee, Ciarran had cheated on her with a few different girls and they had only recently broken up. Not too long before “Bachelor in Paradise,” actually. When Renee learned that Ciarran was going to be on the show, she was devastated. But Ciarran had promised her that they could use their time on the show to get back together and rekindle their dead romance.

Poor Renee took that to heart and, despite everything he did to her, was going to propose to him on the show. But she arrived to find that Ciarran had already crossed several lines with Jessica.

Ciarran Stott short pink hair

Renee still kept his dirty little secret… that was until last night when she revealed that Ciarran had led her on to believe they were getting back together.

Ciarran has honestly exposed himself on the “Bachelor in Paradise” and, no, I’m not talking about those disgusting yellow togs he always wears. When he’s intoxicated his true colors shine through. He’s controlling, he’s manipulative, he’s a compulsive liar, and lastly… he’s a womaniser.

Seriously, what is a girl to expect when she dates a guy that looks like he’s robbed the local liquor store? A broken heart.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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