DGG makes women and girls in the Twitch community unsafe

Anonymous Twitch streamer speaks about the abuse and threats she endured from controversial political commentator Destiny and his DGG fan base.

Sixteen year-old Twitch streamer had DGG fan community [Destiny fan community] harass and threaten her for nudes after they discovered her in Destiny’s Twitch chat. “DGG community makes women and little girls in the Twitch community unsafe,” she claims.

“I quit Twitch after Destiny’s [Steven Bonnell] fans took over my channel and discord,” an anonymous Twitch streamer explained, opening up about the harassment she endured after trying to engage with Destiny’s Twitch chat.

“I was a small Twitch streamer, I had maybe been streaming for like two months and was just about to apply for affiliate. I had 63 subscribers at the time but just from talking in Destiny’s chat I got hundreds of more followers.”

“I don’t think I would have even been noticed if Destiny didn’t click on my profile and check out my channel midstream, he said I looked cute and that was that.”

The streamer admitted to being 16-years-old at the time, which is fine according to Twitch’s Terms of Service.


“I was an absolute newb to streaming and I put some personal information in my bio, just basic stuff like my first name, age, and what city I live in. I also had my Steam, PlayStation and BattleNet accounts details as well as a picture of me on there,” she disclosed in the email.

She received 100 of DMs both on Twitch and on Discord of people begging to be moderators on her Twitch and Discord server.

“One message said that I need more mods and need to be safe because when I get famous I’ll get ‘doxed’ and harassed. I had no idea what the person meant, but he was good at convincing me that I had no idea what I was doing so I made him an moderator on my Twitch and admin in my discord.”

Girl claims DGG community knew she was underage but continued to harass and abuse her and threatened her to send nudes after she turned down Steven Bonnell’s [Destiny] mentorship.

The small streamer alleges that Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, better known as Destiny, even reached out to her to be a mentor and help her grow her channel if she would help him with “his needs.”

“I was a bit star struck when Destiny sent me a message about helping me grow as a Twitch streamer, but I got creepy vibes because it really seemed he wanted something naughty from me in exchange. He promised said he’d mentor me if I help I help him take care of his needs. When I asked him want he meant by that, he said something along the lines of ‘I’ll help you grow if you do the same.'”


“I told him that I don’t think my parents would be okay with a 30-year-old man they don’t know mentoring me over the internet but thanked him all the same. That was the only time and the last time I spoke to him and after that I received so much abuse on my Twitch and discord server that I just gave up.”

Members of the DGG community had obtained personal information about her, including her phone number, full name, and her Facebook page which revealed which school she went to.

Twitch streamer Destiny (Steven Kenneth Bonnell II) taking selfies with female fans at TwitchCon 2020 for content.

“I felt completely numb after getting those messages. One person even said that he had my nudes and he would leak it to everyone in my school if I didn’t get into a video call with him, and I almost did. Fortunately my best friend calmed me down and told me to be rational about this. I’ve never taken any naughty pictures of myself and unless he somehow hacked my webcam, there’s no way he had those pictures.”

Considering that most of her viewers were from Destiny’s community, she decided to delete her Twitch and Discord server.

“Maybe Destiny’s intentions were good but I doubt he didn’t see my age, it was right there on my profile. Apart from me getting a bit creeped out by him, he has never really done anything that has made me think that he’s a bad guy, but his community [DGG] is definitely toxic and I feel like women and girls aren’t safe as long as they are on the platform.”


Twitch has very strict rules against hate and and targeted harassment on their platform. Recently a partnered Twitch streamer known as JiDion received a permanent life-time platform for sending his fans to troll Pokimane.

Destiny’s community, on the other hand, will deliberately target and harass anyone criticises the streamer. Still, there is no proof that Steven Kenneth Bonnell II is encouraging these attacks and therefore cannot be held accountable for the actions of his fanbase.

However, several members of his community have been exposed targeting girls as young as 13-years-old on Twitch and bribing and blackmailing them into performing lewd acts on camera.

Abuse: 13-year-old girls get visited by the Destiny DGG Twitch community and encouraged to perform lewd acts for fame and money.

If girls do not comply they are often threatened, harassed, abused and doxed.

Per Twitch’s Terms of Service, an individual can stream on the platform at the age of 13-years-old without parental consent.

These minors can even earn money of the platform as affiliates as long as they meet the minimum requirements which is 50 followers and an average of 3 consecutive viewers over a 30-day period.

However, to become affiliates minors require consent from either their parents or guardian. Regardless, this opens up a gateway for adults to financially incentivise minors to perform lewd acts for a cash reward.

Although Twitch does not allow users to tip real money to affiliates and partners except via a third-party extension, viewers can subscribe or donate bits which translate to real money and is usually paid out at the end of each month.

For instance, a follower can purchase bits from the Twitch store. 500 bits is roughly $10 dollars. There is no limit to the amount of bits you can purchase or donate to any individual.

The DGG community is largely known for having pro child-abuse and exploitation views and Destiny has even hosted and promoted two content creators who have previously argued that explicit child abuse videos should be legalised.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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