All your favorite streamers use bots to become famous

Growing organically on Twitch TV is almost impossible if you’re not blessed with great looks, that’s why most streamers used bots to get recognition.

Do you really think that streamers like xQc, Pokimane, KaiCenat, and even Amouranth don’t have bots in their streams? How likely is it that a person’s average number of viewers will stay between 20 and 50k for 12 hours without changing at all? Is it possible that they are using bots? Yes, they are, and these services are a big part of why they are successful.

There are millions of individuals who have streamed for years yet barely qualify for affiliate status. Despite the top one percent of prominent broadcasters, the vast majority of Twitch users average roughly five views per stream. Even though they may someday satisfy the conditions, many individuals will never become partnered.

With the new increase in the needed concurrent average viewing level from 65 to 75, Twitch has made the impossible even more impossible to achieve. For Twitch to accept a partner, they must meet the following criteria: There were an average of 75 people watching at the same time throughout the past 30 days. You’ve streamed 12+ times in the previous month. Spend at least 25 hours streaming content in the previous month.

xQc bots

xQc does not have 50k real viewrs every stream, he uses bots to give himself the edge and push his stream on top of other big streamers… and it works.

The difficulty in finding channels on Twitch is the service’s main flaw. If you’re just starting off, you might find the platform a bit daunting. The platform just promotes the streamers that have the most viewers and has no genuine algorithm to propose or promote other tiny streams.

Consequently, streamers like as xQc, KaiCenat, and Pokimane utilised bot services to advertise and push their channels. They likely would not have been noticed by Twitch viewers and would not have the community they have now if they had not utilized these services.

The challenge is in locating a trustworthy bot service that is not on the point of going out of business or that will not attempt to steal your money in any other way.

Two of the most trusted service providers are currently Dogehype and StreamBot. Both services offer realistic views, followers and a functional chat bot.

StreamBot offer a more streamlined and user-friendly experience with their versatile dashboard. You can adjust the amount of viewers, upload a custom chat script and even adjust the chat rate on the fly. However, there are a few caveates to this service: live viewers is capped to 100 and the service isn’t cheap.

KeiCenat popularity

KaiCenat seemingly rose from nowhere to become one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. You think his growth was organic or did he use bots to boost himself to get noticed?

Dogehype, on the other hand, is very affordable and, as far as I know, has no cap on the amount of viewers you can purchase. While there back-end is not as snazzy as StreamBot’s, you can still buy chat and viewer bots and enter your own chat phrases. The developers have promised a lot more features and customization offers to come in the future, but for the meantime they are happy to make the adjustments you want manually if you contact them directly on Discord.

Now that you know which services to use, here are a few helpful tips when using these bots.


  • Don’t over do it. If you’re starting out only use 15-25 bots max.
  • Use bots that show up in chat list. Both service providers have bots with realistic names that populate your chat list.
  • Buy followers occasionally. Buy 10-50 followers here and there. Make it seem as natural as possible.
  • Increase bots as needed. When you’re comfortable increase the viewer bots in increments of 10 or 15.
  • Create chat scripts. Create a chat script for each game you play, nothing specific, just add a few lines about map, game modes, or weapons.
  • Emoji Spam. Do as many lines of different combination of emoji spam in your chat scripts.
  • Become affiliate. You can easily become affiliate with bots and you should because it unlocks a plethora of cool features.

With that being said, you should only use bots to boost yourself so you get noticed. Those bots are not there to replace your community. They wont donate to you or subscribe to you, hence it is pointless to use bots to aim for Twitch partnership.

Just because you are a Twitch partner it doesn’t mean your guaranteed viewership or even an income. Affiliate on the other hand should be unlocked as soon as you can, because then you get access to features like channel points, bits and even your own subscription button.

READ MORE: Amouranth accused of buying follower and viewer bots

This article is not sponsored by either of these two companies. And it is important to note that you, the streamer, has to do most of the heavy lifting if you want to become a successful streamer. Botting does not guarantee that you will make it big, the only person that can guarantee that is yourself. These bots don’t make your content any better, so focus on being a good creator before botting.

If you play it safe and don’t over do it, you will be fine. Thousands of streamers use bots to boost themselves on Twitch, the smart ones–however–manage to hide it from their actual community. Follow the mentioned tips and you will see you community grow exponentially.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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