Controversial female Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, is playing a risky game by promoting her adults only OnlyFans page to followers on Twitch.

Several people have reached out to us asking whether Amouranth is violating Twitch’s Terms of Service by plugging her OnlyFans account on Twitch.

Some streamer used to promote their OnlyFans on twitch which is “somewhat” against the Twitch Terms of Service.

Twitch do have a very strict policy against promoting other services on their platform, this even includes subscription based services like Patreon. However, Twitch have not been consistent in enforcing these rules and seem to pick and choose who they will punish. They are, at times, quite lenient with popular female streamers when it comes to people violating this term and will usually only enforce it if people are promoting non-family friendly content.

So, why hasn’t Amouranth been banned for plugging her OnlyFans to her Twitch followers? We all know that Twitch administrators have a bit of a crush on her, and some of them are even long term subscribers of her adult only content. To say the administrators are simping for Amouranth is an understatement. Kaitlyn Siragusa has violated Twitch many times and, according to Twitch’s own policies, she should have been permanently banned for being a repeat offender. However, she is still on the platform.

Amouranth is using a Twitch affiliate/partner tool to spam her subscribers with links to her OnlyFans accounts.

Amouranth uses Twitch Partner tool that mass emails all of her subsribers to promote her OnlyFans account. Several emails sent out every week.

Although the Twitch Terms of Service to stipulate that users may not promote other monetization networks on their platform, especially not adult only content, they do not clarify whether this extends to their “email every subscriber” feature which can be accessed via the partner dashboard.

One would assume that community guidelines for “spam, scams, and other malicious conduct” would cover ever feature on the site: chat, whispers, streams, and the about panel. If that is the case then Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is clearly breaking their rules.

Time will only tell if Twitch will enforce their rules on Amouranth, but considering how lenient they’ve been with her past digressions it is highly unlikely.