Temptation Island USA: Kaci hit rock bottom after show

Kaci Campbell had a devastating and life altering experience on hit reality show Temptation Island USA. But now she’s recovering from chronic depression and battling her own insecurities.

  • Hit rock bottom after show ended.
  • Abandoned by former best friend and lover.
  • Battling deep seeded insecurities.

One of the most memorable moments of the last season of “Temptation Island USA” was the climax of the relationship between high school sweethearts Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith. Their relationship started a bit like the hit teen flick 17 Again starring All-American heartthrob Zac Efron. Sadly, it didn’t have the same happy ending.

Kaci and Evan met in high school and started dating in their senior year. He was on the basketball team and she was his personal cheerleader. The relationship lasted nearly 10 years, but it wasn’t exactly a magical fairy-tale. Evan Smith had problem keeping his member in his own pants and cheated on Kaci several times throughout their relationship.

Kaci Campbell offered Evan many ultimatums and, despite his many transgressions, forgave him. One of the last ultimatums was to prove that he was a changed man by resisting temptation on the hit show Temptation Island USA. But ultimately Smith failed within days of arriving on the island.

Evan Smith cheated on Morgan Lolar

Once a cheater, always a cheater? Well, Morgan learned the hard way. Evan Smith ALSO cheated on Morgan Lolar after leeching of her and her family and put them through a phony engagement.

It took less than a week for Evan Smith to announce his unwavering, undying and unconditional love for a girl he just met on the Temptation Island USA called Morgan Lolar. Knowing full well that his current girlfriend Kaci Campbell would see what he’s up to, he didn’t resist any temptation and hopped straight in bed with Morgan Lolar.

The pair spent the entire 30 days together, and even Temptation Island USA host Mark Walberg believed what he witnessed was real love, although it wasn’t. But in the heart-breaking finale Mark Smith broke up with his girlfriend of almost 10 years and told her he was going home with his “newfound love” Morgan Lolar.

Fans slammed Evan Smith, who appeared tormented by guilt throughout the show, for not breaking up with Kaci when he was given the opportunity to send her a 30 second video message. Kaci was the only girl who didn’t receive a message from her boyfriend, but instead got to see him confessing his undying love for another girl in the other villa.

“I owe her more than that,” Smith said when asked why he didn’t breakup with her through a video message. “She’s been there for me through thick and thin, I can’t just breakup with her through a 30 second message. We need to talk about it in person.”

Kaci Campbell looking hot

Kaci Campbell looking absolutely smoking hot in new photo.

However, within 30 seconds of seeing his then-girlfriend Kaci at the final bonfire he broke up with her in one of the most awkward and humiliating moments in reality television history. Kaci begged him not to leave and to come back to their home to work things out, but Evan wouldn’t have any of it. He said it was over and left with Morgan.

Obviously he couldn’t go home by himself since he was living with Kaci and had been for many years. So he found a new home at Morgan’s place.

It’s been awhile since these events took place. We got a short glimpse of their lives 6 months after the show concluded. Evan Smith was living with Morgan Kaci and he proposed to her. Kaci stopped dating and was moving on. She drastically changed her appearance and dyed her hair pitch black after going through, what an anonymous friend of hers, calls a mental breakdown.

Does time really heal old wounds? Kaci posted a photo of herself with “family” where it appears she is dating a mysterious gentleman. The photo was taken early this morning and shows her mom and dad with her sister, her husband and child and a a man who Kaci seems to be snuggling up to.

The Campbell family celebrate Christmas

Kaci Campbell shared photo of her with mom, dad, sister and her hubby and baby, and a mysterious new boyfriend?

“She was terrified to take risks, especially with men. It kind of seemed like she felt that she wasn’t worthy when it came men when the truth is the opposite. She is the type of girl that puts her SO before everything else. She basically mothered Evan throughout their entire relationship. Men aren’t worthy of her,” her friend added.

Kaci Campbell suffered through and her self esteem took a massive hit after Temptation Island USA. She is reportedly on the road to recovery and has come a long way since the show, but she still has some way to go. Despite having over 60,000 followers on Instagram, she keeps her posts private and Kaci Campbell hasn’t posted anything on YouTube in over 3 months.

Kash tweet

American musician Kash tweets about heart-break day after boxing day, 2020.

However, Kaci Campbell does post regularly on Twitter where she has a verified account with over 13,000 followers. Her last retweet gives us un idea of what kind of state of mind she’s currently in and she’s still clearly huritng.

Kaci retweeted a post from American musician Kash which said, “I’m sorry if someone made you think it is hard to you love you.”

After being abandoned and forgotten like that by someone you shared your life with for about 10 years, it is easy to understand why Kaci might be fighting depression and insecurities.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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