Billie Eilish pictures leaked online by American rapper (probably fake)

Billie Eilish topless pictures and naughty video tape have allegedly been leaked online by her former fling, an American rapper known as Real Supah.

Award winning singer/songwriter Billie Eilish doesn’t really seem like a promiscuous women. She usually hides behind layers and layers of expensive clothing. The 19-year-old popstar has often spoke about her own insecurities and her body image is one of them.

Billie Eilish almost deleted all of her social media accounts after being called ‘fat’ and ‘thicc’ by Instagram trolls when she was very young. Since then she has given many interviews about overcoming those insecurities and she is now a beacon for body positivity.

Eilish also comes out of her shell during her live performances. She will often tease her fans by revealing a bit of skin and dancing seductively. But she still takes her privacy very seriously, and that’s why you’d never see her on the cover of Playboy or any such magazine.

Sadly, Billie Eilish has “supposedly” had her nudes have been leaked. Some of her fans believes it might be an American gangster rapper known as Real Supah (formerly Lil Yellow).

Eilish on a public train

Billie Eilish used to use the train a lot but insists she’d never do anything dirty in public or on camera.

This isn’t the first time private Billie Eilish content has leaked. Last year a tape leaked that reported to show Eilish giving in head doing it with a guy on a public train. The girl in the video looked a lot like her but the quality of the footage was shoddy at best so it was never verified.

The tape become viral and the singer had to respond, denying that it was her in the video.

“You think I would be having sex on a train in daylight?” she said. “With a dress on and fishnets and a f**king peace-sign necklace? Dog, come on!”

Billie Eilish with black guy

Is this Billie Eilish with an unknown American rapper or just another imposter?

Maybe? At least now we know that she isn’t the innocent little American sweetheart we all believed her to be. Eilish, although appearing to be modest, has a wild side to her and she’s very promiscuous.

A source who claims to know her personally told us that she has many bizarre fetishes, and she is known for sleeping around. Of course these claims are unverified and, for now, are just rumors, but it is going to be extremely hard for her to call the recent leaks fake.

Billie Eilish leaked topless nude selfie, real or fake?

Real or fake: a couple of new alleged leaked raunchy selfies of Billie Eilish surface including two topless pictures. Sleuths think they are real because of necklace.

Two leaked selfies of Billie Eilish appear to be legitimate. Keyboard detectives are sure that the leaked selfie photos are actually of Billie Eilish photo because–get this–she’s wearing the same necklace.

The necklace in the photo is very hard to make out and even if it is same one anybody could buy a similar one for as lttle as $30, so again, I wouldn’t exactly say that these pictures are definitely of her.

Doesn’t even look like the actual necklace that Billie Eilish wears in topless photo, but does look a little like the one she was spotted wearing before New Year’s.

A lot of celebrities are being targeted by fakers online. Deep-faking is become increasingly more easy to do resulting in thousands upon thousands of fake nude pictures and videos appearing online, and that may be the case for Billie Eilish.

Regardless if these leaked pictures of Billie Eilish are real or fake, viewing them would be a gross violation of her privacy. Also, she only recently turned 19-years-old, meaning these pictures could be of a minor.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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