Ukrainian egirl Ekaterina exposed as manipulative ‘suicide baiting’ catfish

Cringe-post Twitter community is uproar after they discovered one of their own, Ekaterina, catfished them and emotionally manipulated them for a year.

Ekaterina, better known as Cath or Yekayuriy54 on Twitter, was a Ukrainian egirl who was quickly gaining notoriety for her hot takes, sh*t posts and Halo memes. She had 11,000 followers on Twitter before she was exposed as being a catfish… and it gets worse.

Cath aka Ekaterina was thrust into the public’s eye after she was retweeted by a famous YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. After gaining a little exposure her Twitter account grew from 1,000 to 11,000 followers in less than a year. She was often retweeted by popular influencers and became quite known in the Twitterverse.

When she was first discovered her profile picture was a blonde Ukrainian girl carrying a firearm on the bus. People quickly associated the image with her until she later changed it to an illustration of a blonde girl standing in front the Ukrainian flag.

She built a community around herself when she created her own Discord server which had several hundred members, all of whom she catfished.

She pretended to be Dreamii.

Cath would share pictures of a girl that she claimed to be her on Twitter and Discord. These pictures never showed too much of her face; they were either way too zoomed in or over exposed. She wouldn’t leave the images up for too long as she would quickly delete them after sharing them. People now know why.

This is Dreamii, she’s an OnlyFans model and Twitch streamer. Ekaterina, alleged Ukrainian egirl, used her pictures to catfish her community.

Catherine was using an image of a lesser known Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model known as Dreamii. When Dreamii caught wind that someone was using her images to catfish she reached out to her community to warn them. After being exposed for catfishing she disappeared off the internet for 2 days… only to return and try again.

Dreamii exposed Caterina aka Ekaterina (now known as Ukrainian egirl) being a catfish. Explains that she used her images to fool her community.

On April 1st she returned and apologised for catfishing and posted a picture of a girl holding a sign with her name, username and date. However, the community wasn’t buying it. They quickly noticed that the writing on the piece of paper she was holding was digitally imposed onto the image, as was the hand holding it.

Catfished twice.

Catherina aka Ekaterina got exposed as a catfish for the second time, and that was enough to have her former friends and community turn on her. But it wasn’t just because she used fake image. She emotionally manipulated men and stole from them.

Several members of her community have come forward saying that, not only did she catfish, but the Ukrainian egirl Ekaterina “suicide baited” them–or rather threatened to kill herself if they didn’t do what she wanted.

She allegedly made suicide pacts with a few members of her own community and would send them self harm pictures. In November 2020 she posted images of a bloodied wrist before going dark for almost 24 hours. She later returned and said that she’s fine but was sent away to a psyche ward for 4 weeks and would have limited access to the internet.

Cath/Catherina/Eketerina/Yeka/Bee attempted to catfish again again with a photoshopped image of another unidentified blonde Ukrainian egirl.

There’s still a good chance that the images were, in fact, real. People have tried to reverse image search the pictures to no avail. However, the apology that followed her exposing didn’t at all seem sincere but more like a “gotcha” comment.

She manipulated men.

Some allege that the images were used to manipulate one of her followers known as “Bolverk” into a relationship.

“It’s spreading everywhere but it’s true. The pictures aren’t me. I’m so sorry to everyone I’ve mislead, hurt and lied to. I’m sorry to those I’ve used and stole from. It was a f*cked up thing to do and I got committed to it, and got too comfortable. I didn’t know how to stop,” the apology read.

Katerina has since deleted her social media accounts, including Twitter and, despite her transgressions, some people believe what she did is reconcilable.

Some of her fans have already forgiven her and commend her for owning up to her “mistakes” and just want her to take a small break and return when she’s taken care of her issues. The person reacted their comments, adding “I take it back.”

What are your thoughts on Ekaterina and the whole catfish situation? Did you go too far? If she returns will she be forgiven and welcome back to the community? Let us know below!

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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