Sweet Anita admits to receiving nudes from her fans/simps

The Twitch streamer famously known for her Tourette’s syndrome Sweet Anita accidentally revealed that she receives nudes from her “simps” during her livestream.

Sweet Anita is not as wholesome as some may think. Even though she may appear to be sweet and innocent Sweet Anita really has a very naughty side to her, and I’m not talking about some X-rated unfered Tourette’s moments.

Some of Anita’s ticks are mostly just adorable pops and whistles but sometimes she lets out a nasty word, and when she does–oh boy–they are definitely not pretty. Anita got into a bit of controversy when one of her ticks made her say the N-word with a hard R.

There was a massive debate whether the 30-year-old Twitch streamer, Sweet Anita, should have received a short suspension for her use of the racial slur. Many claimed that Twitch have never cared about context and are trigger-happy when it comes to banning people for things even out of their control. But Sweet Anita didn’t get banned.

Sweet Anita setup selfie

30-year-old Sweet Anita is a Twitch streamer with Tourette’s who has a lot of fans and simps. She has even admitted to receiving nudes from them and dating them.

Twitch suspend and ban people even if they don’t say the slurs. If someone in your game’s voice chat drops a slur, you are banned. If someone donates with an offensive word, you are banned. Twitch really don’t care at all about context. Or at least not for most male gamers. Admittedly, girls get off easy.

Sweet Anita has said many offensive things but she can always blame her Tourette’s Syndrome for her involuntary ticks, and Twitch administrators are usually pretty lenient on them. Not just for Anita but for most women who are Twitch partners.

Late last year Amouranth had a little bit of nip slip during on of her livestreams. Despite her actions clearly violating Twitch’s policies she did not receive a ban. Amouranth eventually said that she would be taking some time off to reflect and begged Twitch to give her a short 3-day ban. Twitch granted her wish.

Did Sweet Anita receive nudes?

Recently Twitch has declared “simp” to be an offensive slur and have been actively banning people from using it on their platform. A ridiculous new rule according to most Twitch members. Regardless, Sweet Anita referred to some of her fans as “simps” during her livestream, and it didn’t appear to be because of her Tourette’s.

Sweet Anita was doing a Q&A (Questions and Answers) on her livestream the other day when one of her fans asked her “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve received?”

Anita has small tic and lets out a pop before answering the question. “A simp’s peni…” she stops herself midsentence, covers her mouth just after realising that she just exposed herself and one of her fans.

Fans were curious whether she was talking about nudes or whether she actually slept with one of her fans. After all, she has previously admitted to dating one of her fans, or–as she puts it–a simp.

In the video Sweet Anita asserts that simps are like predators and the social influencers they are trying to score points with are the real victims. Her comments divided the community a bit but most girls who have dealt with simps and receive thousands of donations from them every day agree with her.

Girls vibe with Anita’s comments on simps: “they are abusive, manipulative and emotionally stunted men.” Although she has admitted to dating them and receiving nudes from them. Is she really the victim?

Sweet Anita is one of Twitch’s biggest partners. She has over 1.5 million followers on the platform and receives thousands worth of donations from her fans every day.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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