EDP445 Exclusive: FBI shift investigation to “Chet Goldstein”

Case against EDP445 has been compromised because Alex Rosen, aka Chet Goldstein, illegal activities in Predator Poachers.

Although there seems to be substantial evidence to lock Bryant Moreland up for soliciting illegal photos from a minor, Alex Rosen, who ran the Chet Goldstein channel, may be the larger focus in the in a child protection investigation.

Alex Rosen and CC Unit released an expose video on popular YouTuber Bryant “EDP445” Moreland in which he [Moreland] admits to sending and soliciting nude photos of a 14-year-old girl. After catfishing Moreland, Rosen and CC Unit organised a terrible sting operation that has resulted in mass online criticism.

Some of Mr Rosen’s comments came in to be very questionable and, to some, even creepy. However, the video went viral after being hyped beyond belief by Rosen resulting in thousands of people checking out Mr Rosen’s channel called Chet Goldstein. Many people were shocked to discover dark predatory jokes, extremely racist remarks, and other very troubling things.

EDP445 confronted by PP Alex Rosen

Pictured above Alex “Chet Goldstein” Rosen confront Bryant “EDP445” Moreland in botched Predator Poachers sting operations.

Now the whole investigation into Bryant “EDP445” Moreland has been compromised and none of the evidence produced by either Rosen or CC Unit cannot be used by the authorities. Why? According to a source that claims to have previously been contracted by the Predator Poachers website, Mr Rosen sources inappropriate images from minors to use to bait predators.


“Not the local authorities nor the FBI can use any of the evidence provided by Alex in his video. The Chet Goldstein channel was banned not just because of the racist content but that there’s now an ongoing investigation into him,” a source said.

A video has recently going viral after the EDP544 that seems to show Alex Rosen actually talking to a 13-year-old decoy and in that video he appears to be asking for inappropriate pictures to use as bait for real predators.

Alex "Chet Goldstein" Rosen

Alex “Chet Goldstein” Rosen of Predator Poaches accused of using real images of minors to bait predators.

Mr Rosen took to Instagram to say that the aforementioned video was taken out of context to discredit his work. He claims that the person in the video was his friend pretending to be a minor and they were just joking around. The person with whom Mr Rosen is speaking with does, in fact, not sound like a minor but Rosen still has not provided proof of his claims.

For the EDP445 sting, Mr Rosen did hire a girl who was of age to play the role of the 13-year-old decoy. Twitch streamer MarshmallowsAlexandra (Alex), 19, revealed that her and her friend both played pretended to be the decoy and used Face App to make an adult model look a lot younger. MarshmallowsAlexandra has not streamed since the EDP445 expose went viral.

Following the announcement of the investigations both CC Unit and MarshmallowsAlexandra have made their social media accounts, including Instagram, private.

What’s even more telling about the current investigation is the actual comment from The Bakersfield Sheriff’s Department who on April 22 merely revealed that the “video’s content is under investigation but as of now no arrests have been made.” This could actually refer to Mr Rosen’s conduct as the video does actually contain images of a real minor.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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