Neekolul fans outraged and grossed by her spending habits

Neeko, otherwise known as Neekolul, didn’t have any desire to purchase a luxiry condo in a city with the most homeless people and opted to buy in Dallas, Texas, instead.

Neekolul continued in the strides of Pokimane and chose to make a tour video of her shiny new USD$2,000,000 extravagant Dallas, Texas, penthouse apartment. Unfortunately, a portion of her communist fans figure what she did was dull and now she’s bleeding supporters and endorsers.

Nicole Alvarado Sanchez, broadly known as Neekolul or Neeko, uploaded a video called “$2,000,000 Apartment Tour (My New Apartment)” which today is her most disdained video. The video has more than 14K disliked and just 2,000 likes and fans are hammering her for being a two-timer.


While some of her fans are glad for her prosperity, other stalwart fans are insulted in light of the fact that she’s “connecting with and supporting” private enterprise. Neekolul got a ton of devotees when she supported extreme leftist US government official Bernie Senders for his official 2020 presidential run. It was her “OK Boomer” video, where she was brandishing a Bernie 2020 shirt, that sent her soaring to web fame and a ton of people who followed her as a result of that video additionally have an exceptionally hostile views on free enterprise.

Neekolul TAX THE RICH, AOC |

Nicole Alvarado Sanchez supporting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by sporting her “TAX THE RICH” merch in TikTok video.

Neekolul’s comprehension of her audience meant she knew to ramble some extreme left and revolutionary political sentiments during her livestreams. She’s even utilized the communist revolutionary statement “eat the rich” and regularly wears shirts advancing extreme left political philosophies.

Neekolul shared a few recordings on her TikTok profile wearing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez merchandise with the content “EAT THE RICH” imprinted on it. But when approached by upset fans about her $2,000,000 condo, she reacted by saying, “by rich I mean billionaires.”

Her remarks didn’t resonate well with her communist fans and they’ve been unfollowing and withdrawing from her channel in huge numbers. Her Twitch channel lost a few thousand devotees in the past two days, and her other online media accounts are following suit.


One disgruntled fan expressed their disgust for Neekolul’s spending habits stating, “I was a huge Neekolul fan. I loved that she was inspiring teenagers to research socialism. I’ve donated several thousands of dollars to her on Twitch. I’ve even been a tier 3 subscriber for about a year.”

Continuing: “I was a fool. Actions speak louder than words and Neeko definitely doesn’t practice what she preaches. She’s taking on big brand sponsorships, shilling for corporations and earning millions of dollars and instead of giving back to the community she’s buying expensive and useless crap for herself. I mean she fled the city with the highest homeless population and moved to Texas so she could save on taxes and spend 2 million on a luxury apartment in Dallas! That’s absolutely sick.”

It’s not just the million dollar condo that is disturbing her followers. During the condo tour video Neekolul gloated about wanting to burn through cash on garments since she loved “looking cute,” Neekolul has two entire storerooms filled from one end to the other with costly creator wear worth in excess of a little rural home. Her fans have even called her out on not giving any of the old costly outfits she no longer wears to good cause.

Neekolul’s total assets or net worth is rumored to be somewhere close to $5 Million dollars. She has strides from her essential profession as Twitch Star. Be that as it may, if the pattern of losing supporters proceeds, Neekolul will most likely be unable remain in her costly Dallas condo.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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