Hila Klein reportedly wants to divorce husband Ethan of H3 Podcast

Trouble in paradise? Hila Klein reportedly “made a joke” that she wants to divorce Ethan after he got her permanently banned from Twitter for ban evading.

A source close to the H3 Podcast claims that Hila Klein has joked and commented about getting a divorce after Ethan Klein’s many controversies nearly wrecked their brand and show.

It has come to Drama Report’s attention that Ethan and Hila Klein’s marriage may be in trouble, thanks to a tip from a person claiming to be connected to the H3 Podcast. Anonymous sources claim that Hila is fed up with Ethan’s antics and worried that he would hurt the reputation of her Teddy Fresh business.

Hila appears to be so irritated by her husband Ethan Klein that she needs to bite her lip to keep from telling him to shut talking during their joint podcast. She occasionally gives her spouse the side look and makes muttering comments about his lack of professionalism.

Recent years have seen Ethan Klein become a highly divisive and controversial personality. After violating YouTube’s Terms of Service for hateful conduct and targeted harassment, he lost sponsors for his H3 Podcast and almost had the whole show cancelled due to his comments and actions.

Hila Klein poses with her baby boy Bruce for an Instagram photo.

Does Hila Klein want to divorce Ethan? Boss mom poses with her baby boy Bruce for an Instagram photo.

Elon Musk permanently banned Ethan Klein from using Twitter because Klein impersonated Musk and tweeted false and nasty information. Later, Ethan took over his wife’s Twitter account, where he trolled Elon Musk, called him a “b*tch,” and boasted about how he had avoided his suspension.

Subsequently Hila’s Twitter account was also permanently suspended and, according to an anonymous source, she’s not very happy about it.

“She’s fed up!” The source said about Hila Klein. “She has been making a lot of jokes about divorcing Ethan to save her brand, and honestly, I think she’s being serious.”

“Not long ago, after Hila and Ethan recorded their H3 Podcast episode, Hila told her husband that he should be more careful about what he says during their live shows, and said that their businesses are more important than Ethan’s political beliefs. She seemed furious,” they added.

According to reports, having her Twitter account suspended was the final straw, and now it appears as though Hila may be prepared to go her own way and run her own business anyway she sees fit.

“Divorce may be a bit messy, given that they developed this brand together and have a child together, but I believe it is the greatest decision for her moving forward,” she said.

“As long as she got complete ownership of Teddy Fresh and, of course, full custody of her baby, I think she would be okay with Ethan keeping the rights to the H3 Podcast.”

Of course this is just a rumor, for now, but it is evident that Ethan Klein’s actions have been bad for their businesses. Hila Klein has been permanently banned of Twitter and their H3 Podcast currently has one active strike on YouTube.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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