Taylor Jevaux raunchy Twitch streamer not worried about ban

Twitch streamer Taylor Jevaux dances in a undersized bikini when she receives donations and is barely nude, but administrators don’t mind.

Has Taylor Jevaux found a loop hole in Twitch’s Terms of Service? The 25-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California, shows more than most and dances provocatively for donations and instead of being banned, she’s now a Twitch partner.

Thousands of people saw a little known streamer pop up in their recommendations yesterday. Her name is Taylor Jevaux and she has only been on Twitch for four months and she’s already made partner. Yesterday she had over 5,000 consecutive viewers, and after checking out her stream, and if you would have checked out her stream, you would instantly know why.

Taylor is playing a dangerous game of chicken with Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. All of her streams consist of her barely nude, wearing nothing but tiny–very revealing–bikini. She rewards her subscribers and followers by dancing and bouncing around letting her implants jiggle about wildly.

Taylor Jevaux dances for subs and donations

Taylor Jevaux makes them jiggle in her bikini for money. The 25-year-old streamer had thousands of viewers while she get wet in her bikini and danced.

“I have done a trampoline stream in my favorite bikini already,” Taylor said, responding to one of her viewers. “But I don’t know, I might to a beach stream next weekend.”

She also smashes cake on her face and rubs it all over her bikini-clad body when she hits on of her Twitch milestones.

“I’m a gamer, I absolutely love gaming,” she answered when asked about her passions. However, a quick browse through past streams only show bikini, hot tub, pool party and body painting streams except for one short “Dance and Raid Gameplay” which appears to be sponsored.

Taylor_Jevaux partner

Taylor’s old VODS teased by NSFW thumbnails are locked behind a “sub only” paywall.

According to the Twitch guidelines, Taylor Jevaux is dressed inappropriately, she’s barely nude. Rewarding viewers with “cake smash” and “cute dancing” when they donate their hard earned money to her seems something more suited for OnlyFans instead of Twitch.

Instead of being banned, Twitch have rewarded her with a partnership and she now has over 100,000 followers on the platform.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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