Controversial YouTuber TheQuartering uses AdBlock while stealing content

Jeremy Hambly, better known as TheQuartering on YouTube, reads other people’s content in his monetised videos but uses AdBlock to block their revenue.

Controversial right-wing YouTuber TheQuartering has ruffled many feathers, even those of who he claims to support.

The 30-something-year-old YouTuber’s first brush with controversy was when he got banned from a Hasbro’s Wizard of The Coast event for making a video heavily criticising cosplayer called Chrstine Sprankle. The video was considering bullying and the cosplayer quit the Magic tournament.

TheQuartering was then, again, banned from yet another tabletop gaming event called Hasbro’s Wizard of the Coasts in 2018 for harassing people. However, Jeremy claims that someone approached him and asked him whether he was TheQuartering and when he answered that he was punched several times to the back of the head.

What’s Gen Con? Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by both attendance and number of events. It features traditional pen-and-paper, board, and card games, including role-playing games, miniatures wargames, live action role-playing games, collectible card games, and strategy games.

Jeremy Hambly. better known as controversial YouTuber TheQuartering, made a series of harsh videos on the on the former popular Magic cosplayer, some in which he uses sexist slurs and vulgar language.

Mr Hambley received an email from the administrators saying: “After further review, Gen Con has determined that the two principal account holders in an off-site incident will be suspended from attendance at future conventions for an indefinite length of time. This account holder has violated the convention’s Ethics, Conduct, and No Harassment policy for targeted online bullying of attendees, and will be suspended until further notice.

Gen Con is committed to a safe, harassment-free environment. Additional Terms of Service violations may result in more severe actions, including a permanent ban from Gen Con and any affiliated events.”

TheQuartering has also been targeted by some high profile content creators and celebrities for his controversial takes. Bizarrely enough the majority of his content is him merely reading content from other people’s websites. He has attendance of being rather vulgar on his social media accounts and even attacked the sites that he “borrowed” content from.

Controversial YouTuber TheQuartering uploads multiple videos a day where he reads other people’s content: he doesn’t link back to the original article and uses AdBlock to prevent site from earning revenue.

Last year the YouTuber lashed out BoundingIntoComics for reporting the name of a public figure. The tweet was heavily criticized because about 80% of his content is read, verbatim, from their site.

Jeremy “TheQuartering” Hambly monetises the videos and often asks his viewers to donate money either via his YouTube members or Suscribestar. However, when Jeremy has AdBlock on when he visits his so-called favourite websites making him a bit of a hypocrite.

Not only does he use AdBlock, but he never links back to the articles he reads as content for his YouTube channel. So while he’s earning thousands of dollars of the back of author writers he still refuses to link back or even view ads from other sources.

Jeremy Hambly, of all people, should now how difficult the grind is and how fickle ad revenue can be so why doesn’t he practice what he preaches when it comes to supporting other content creators, whether they are YouTubers are bloggers. TheQuartering probably couldn’t afford to do what he does now, at least fulltime, if people used AdBlock on his channel.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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