Fitz cancelled by K-pop stans for saying R-word in Minecraft

Cameron “Fitz” McKay is trending on Twitter after saying the r-word in Minecraft server. K-pop stans are now trying to cancel him.

Cameron McKay, better known as Fitz or GoodGuyFitz on YouTube, became a popular influencer for his funny gaming and let’s play videos. He eventually moved to Melbourne, Australia to start the Misfits Podcast with his fellow YouTube friends McCreamy, SwaggerSouls, Toby, Zuckles, and Inotorious.

Although the respective channel’s for each YouTuber mostly remains strong, the Misfits Podcast took a big hit due to strict lockdown orders in their home city. The show lost a lot of its magic when these content creators were forced to continue their podcast through video calls.

Fitz has managed to keep his fanbase engaged with his edgy gaming videos as he still manages to pull over 1 million views per upload. He has also managed to keep a very high profile from the many dramas he’s been involved in.

SwaggerSouls and Fitz

Friends and co-hosts of the Misfits Podcast Fitz and SwaggerSouls share a festive moment in cute Christmas picture weeks before he gets cancelled for saying the r-word in a Minecraft server.

In 2020 Fitz was called out for sleeping with one of his best friend’s girlfriends. Carson “CallMeCarson” King flamed Fitz on Twitter calling him a terrible friend and human being for sleeping with his girlfriend at the time Katerino.

Fitz later apologised for the ordeal and CallMeCarson agreed to forgive and forget. However, it was later exposed by Anything4views of the Cold Ones podcast that Katerino and CallMeCarson were not dating and that the whole thing was allegedly staged for views.

Fitz then inserted himself into the Pokimane/Fed drama by encouraging people to believe that he was the Pokimane’s secret boyfriend “Steve” in the documents. Pokimane later addressed those rumours and said that was a disgusting and blatant lie.

Fitz says R-word in public Minecraft server.

Now Fitz is in the headlines again, but for something so petty that people are absolutely amazed that he’s trending on Twitter.

Pokimane and Fitz

Cancelled: Rumors that Pokimane was dating Fitz sparked by events that took place after the Misfits Podcast. Pokimane has vehemently denied the rumor that she was seeing Fitz.

Fitz cancelled! People are trying to end Cameron’s career for saying the R-word in a public Minecraft server. To some, this word is just as bad as the N-word and saying this word should mean that you don’t deserve to be famous or have money.

Actually, the only reason why he is not allowed to use the R-word is because he is a “cis het neurotypical mfer” and he privileged and not oppressed like non-white people.

Strangely enough the outrage is not actually coming from any of Fitz’s fans. It is coming from young K-pop stans, primarily girls and most of them don’t even play Minecraft. They simply heard that a “cis het neurotypical” white guy said a slur and now they are outraged and trying to cancel him.

Hundreds of people are bragging that they’ve already sent emails to his sponsors and to YouTube and are in high hopes that he will get banned from the platform. But, let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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