Keemstar at war with Mike Majlak: “You ruin lives!”

Keemstar has responded to allegations made by Mike Majlak that he baits racism and ruins careers with a challenge on Twitter.

American’s are deeply divided on the response of the Kenosha police department yesterday that resulted in another person of colour being shot dead. Jacob Blake was shot dead after failing to comply to police officers, resisting arrest, and attempting to get to his car to access his glove department.

The police feared that he was reaching for a gun and shot him Mr Blake 7 times. He was declared deceased on the spot.

Blake had a warrant out for his arrest and an All-Points Bulletin stating that he was considered armed and dangerous due his prior convictions. The shooting has resulted in more rioting where white owned business have been burned to the ground.

“Listen to police demands, follow instructions. The cops have guns and will kill you if you don’t listen,” Keemstar Tweeted.

Mike Majlak, YouTube vlogger and author, lashed back at Keemstar and the “scumbag cops.”

“Keem do you have [expletive deleted] brain in your head? There is a whole rule book for use of lethal force. These scumbag cops broke every rule in the world by shooting a man in the back in front of his kids. If that doesn’t bother you, you’re either a racist or a moron. Just pick one.”

Lana Rhoades with her boyfriend on private jet

Mike Majlak, 35, with his 23-year-old adult industry entertainer girlfriend, Lana Rhoades, on a private jet.

Keemstar responded in a video saying, “[Mike Majlak]. You have a label of being an ass-kisser, and just about anything for clout you’ll do, right. But this is [expletive deleted] ridiculous. You are just straight up manipulating. You’re being dishonest for clout points.”

The 34-year-old “Drama Alert” host did not take being called racist lightly. He continued, “I put out a tweet saying, here in New York, if you have a gun drawn on you and you ignore that and you just try to jump in a vehicle, the cops are going to shoot you. Because that’s reality, that’s what happens.”

Keemstar brings up the fact that vehicles have been considered deadly weapons before especially when in the hands of someone with a violent criminal past.

Keemstar adds, “You respond by saying, ‘if you don’t see anything wrong with this then you’re either racist or you’re stupid.’ I never said it was right or wrong. I simply said that this happens, and this is reality. If the cops feel like you’re threatening in anyway, they will shoot you.”

Majlak responded to Keemstar’s video by calling him a “f***face” and saying he has no idea what he’s talking about. He then proceeds to insult Keemstar’s entire audience.

The 38-year-old Drama Alert host, Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem, takes selfie with fans at meet-up.

“Dude, I have a show with Logan Paul and my girlfriend has 12m on Instagram. If I’m gonna clout chase, it won’t be an aging [sic] lumberjack with a drama show made for teenie boppers that doesn’t get views anymore,” Maglak responded.

Maglak then brought up Keemstar’s older videos where he is heard ranting at someone called Alex, and added, “And I did it without dropping one n-bomb or instructing anyone to kill themselves. In fact i wrote a book (now a USA Today and Amazon bestseller) that has literally pushed people to turn their lives around like I did.”

Since Maglak thought it was necessary to bring up Keem’s past, Keem did the same and accused Mike of “ruining lives” by selling drugs and then profiting off it with his book while his victims still suffer. “Show us that you’re a good person and donate all the money you earned from pushing your book to help your victims,” Keem challenged.

Keemstar at GG EZ with AnythingForViews

Keemstar gets drunk with Cold Ones podcast host Chad ‘AnythingForViews’ Roberts at GG EZ bar in Melbourne, Australia.

Majlak, once again, insinuated that Keemstar and his fan base were racist by saying, “I’ll do that if you donate all your proceeds from drama alert to teaching white kids not to drop n-bombs or encourage people to kill themselves. Deal?”

Keemstar concluded the twitter beef with the following video where he slams Mike for being a “bad guy” who “ruined lives” for selling drugs to people. Warning, contains graphic language.

Despite Majlak claims that Keemstar’s show, Drama Alert, “doesn’t get any views,” his last video was in interview with Leafy shortly after his ban and got over 1 million views in two days. Although those numbers pale in comparison to Mike’s YouTube channel, he does often tend to create click-bait titles and thumbnails to attract more viewers.

Two of Mike’s most viewed videos have a combined viewership total of almost 8 million but they are centered around his adult entertainer girlfriend Lana Rhoades with titles like “My Romantic Getaway with Lana,” and “Telling My Mom About Lana’s past.”

Mike also claims to run a family friendly channel but has often been criticized for advertising sex toys and drugs during his videos.

Mike Majlak sells sex drugs on YouTube

Mike Majlak promotes BlueChew; a sex ‘enhancing’ drug that is prescribed to you online, with his girlfriend Lana Rhoades. It contains the same active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis.

In his ‘family friendly’ video entitled My Romantic Getaway With Lana,” Mike pretends to be a doctor named “Dr. Howie Feltersnatch”–or “How He Felt Her Snatch”–while making his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades, feel different objects of “stiffness” while gauging her reaction. The video is filled with innuendo as Lana is heard moaning, “it’s soooo long,” and of course, “it’s so hard!” Definitely not family friendly content.

Furthermore, Mike did not mark the video as being sponsored, which is against YouTube’s policies, and therefore it is also littered with ads.

The YouTube policies are clearly stated on their website: “If your content has a paid product placement, endorsement, or other commercial relationship, you need to tell YouTube so that we can facilitate disclosures to users. Note that you may have more obligations depending on the laws in your jurisdiction.”

Keemstar might want to calm down a little, though, as there are new rumors spreading that YouTube are gunning for him and plan on taking down his channel, like they did Leafy, next.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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