FAXUTY loses it after being officially recruited to FaZe Clan

Today FaZe clan revealed the first official #FAZE5 Clan Recruitment winner Faxuty and welcomed him to their ranks. He absolutely lost it during his Twitch livestream.

25-time Esport champions FaZe Clan are announcing new recruits every day from the 28th until the 31st of December. The first of the five #FAZE5 recruitment winners is 22-year-old partnered Twitch streamer Fax aka Faxuty.

FaZe Clan is a little more than just a team of professional gamers, many consider it a family. Some of them live and party together. Their latest recruit, Twitch partner and YouTube content creator, Faxuty hopes to someday join that house and kick ass with his boys.

Faxuty was watching live when FaZe Clan revealed the first of five #FAZE5 Recruitment Challenge winners. It took a second for it to register that he was chosen to join the rank of elite gamers but when it did Faxuty absolutely lost it during his livestreamed.

The FaZe clan officially welcomed the 22-year-old gamer to the clan with open arms and have high hopes that he will go above and beyond in dominating the Esports scene with them.


22-year-old Fornite gamer Faxuty aka Fax is the newest FaZe clan recruit.

Faxuty is the first non-Call of Duty gamer the clan has every recruited. Faxuty is primarily plays and streams Fortnite where he absolutely beasts it. This is a definite sign that the other four recruits will also be Fortnite players as FaZe clan aims to dominate their Esport scene.

Faxuty was also gifted with a brand new FaZe badged Nissan Kicks SUV. The Nissan “FaZe” Kicks is a one of a kind custom made vehicle exclusively made for the FAZE 5 winners. It is badged with the FaZe clan logo and has the recruits name stitched into the interior.

FaZe Nissan

Each new FaZe clan Fortnite recruit will receive a brand new custom made Nissan Kicks SUV.

The FaZe clan contract includes a $20,000 sign-on bonus as well as a sponsorship with Game Fuel (G-Fuel).

FaZe Clan is yet to reveal the four remaining recruits in the coming days.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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