Pyrocynical insists he’s straight but friends still think he’s bi-sexual

Pyrocynical claimed that he was straight in his video where he addressed the debunked allegations that he deliberately groomed a 15-year-old boy for furry roleplay, but his friend thinks he’s bi-sexual.

“There’s no way he [Pyrocynical] is straight,” an online buddy of the popular YouTuber claimed in in email. “The way he acts online, especially with other guys, is all the proof you need.”

Niall Comas, better known by as the YouTuber Pyrocynical, first s*xually confused his fans when he had his ‘glow up’ moment. When Pyrocynical first did his face reveal people made fun of him for looking like a fat lesbian. At first he barely ever made videos with face cam and relied on gameplay for b-roll for footage. Today, that has changed, and so has Pyro.

Over time his content evolved and Pyrocynical became revered making long, insightful and very philosophical takes on movies, videogames and television shows. His videos on a fictitious video game called Petscop has over 9 millions views and is considered to be among some of the best commentary on YouTube.

Friends thing Pyrocynical is bi-sexually because he got a lot of fans sexually confused for his Samus and Ryuoku cosplay.

Cosplay pictures of the now 23-year-old YouTuber Pyroconical as Zero-Suit Samus and Ryoku popped up on his YouTube and a lot of fans became confused about his and their sexuality.

After he posted the cosplay pictures Pyrocynical would ignore any questions about hi sexuality even though a lot of his fans assumed that, like fellow British YouTuber ImAllexxx, he was bisexual. Pyro would even act flamboyant and make a lot of homo-erotic jokes with his friends both in person and online.

Pyro on Cold Ones

Pyrocynical appeared on “Cold Ones” all pretty and dolled up and kissed Chad “Anything4Views” Roberts a lot before furry grooming allegations.

In 2019 Pyrocynical appeared on the popular Australian podcast “Cold Ones” hosted by Maxmoefoe and Anything4Views looking absolutely fabulous. Even the hosts of the show admitted to being attracted to Pyro. Throughout the episode there was a lot of lip kissing, more than usual.

Pyro likes to kiss guys.

A long time friend of Pyro’s says that this is not unusual behaviour for him and that he’s very flirty with other guys on his Discord server.

“He’s never actually come out and said it, but me and a whole lot of his closest fans are convinced that he’s bi. He makes a lot of gay jokes, I mean like a lot. He purged his Discord server to get rid off those jokes, not to hide the non-existent evidence of him grooming a 15-year-old boy,” his friend said.


Is Pyrocynical bi-sexual furry? Nobody knows, but he does kiss a lot of men on the lips. He also dated YouTuber animator Squizzy from 2016 up until the point where he.. uhh.. did that “furry roleplay” stuff.

A 15-year-old boy tried to expose Pyrocynical on Twitter by accusing him of grooming him. Hundreds of “Pyrocynical exposed” videos surfaced shortly after the allegations but Niall “Pyrocynical” Comas was quick and address and ultimately debunk the allegations.

Press X to doubt.

When Niall was 19-years-old he engaged in “furry roleplay” with a young man who he claims had very little info about. He didn’t know his name, where he was from, or his age. The direct messages from the Pyrocynical “furry roleplay” were leaked and it didn’t look good for him. However, nobody could actually prove that Pyrocynical knew the boy’s age and no nudes were exchanged.

Pyro admitted that he regrets his actions and said that the onus on verifying the kid’s age was on him, but he also states that he’s 100% straight and only likes women in the his video where he addresses these allegations.

The leaked direct messages of his “furry roleplay” tell another story. They are very sexual in nature and even Pyro himself admitted to pleasuring himself to this kind of content.

Niall “Pyrocynical” Comas’s sexuality, honestly, is nobodies business but his own. Straight, bi or gay, it is up to him if, and when, to come out at all. Regardless, Pyrocynical looks hot when he does cosplay as a female protagonist!

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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