Twitch partners banned if they interact with Dr. DisRespect on YouTube

Dr. DisRespect announced during his YouTube live that Twitch is threatening to ban partners who stream with him off platform or promote his stream.

The Doc has finally returned, but it’s not going to be easy for the two-time because Twitch reportedly has it out for the streamer. Several big Twitch partners have been warned; if you play with The Doc you will get banned.

Last night Dr. DisRespect posted his new music video “Red Skies” and although it seemed to be very ‘woe is me’ it ended with a very direct message, ““You can’t replace me. I’m awake, now it’s time to break free. I’m levitating.”

DisRespect, Shroud and Ninja

Former Twitch partners Shroud and Ninja with Dr DisRespect. Ninja is now streaming on YouTube but Shroud can’t engage with the Doc.

He’s right, you know. Two two-time champ really is one of the kind and therefore irreplaceable. There’s really no one out there quite like Dr. DisRespect.

The Doc has officially declared YouTube the new home for his Champions Club. Shortly after he shared the strange, yet eerily beautiful, music video he teased a return to streaming.

The Doc says Twitch is banning streamers for engaging with him

Dr. DisRespect’s YouTube stream is live, although he isn’t exactly streaming at the moment. 12,000 fans eagerly wait for him to show his moustached mug on cam. At the moment we just see a video of the two-times vintage Lamborghini Aventador being gassed up to a playlist of nostalgic 80s synth pop music. However, every now and then, Guy Beahm, in the role of Johnny Bandini, can be heard giving announcements of sorts.

In one of these announcements Johnny Bandini talks about how big Twitch partners have been warned that they if they play with The Doc, even on YouTube, they will be banned from Twitch.

The conflict between Dr. DisRespect and Twitch Interactive, Inc. appears to be a very personal one. It was not enough for them just to ban him off Twitch and tear up his 20-something million dollar contract, but also ban his former Twitch friends from interacting with him. That’s just nasty.

Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker
Lilly Walker is social media and internet culture analysist. She writes articles about on the on-goins of your favourite influencers.


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