Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland Censors News & Plans Comeback

Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland is attempting to censor news coverage about his predatory behavior as he plans a comeback on TikTok in 2022.

Over the past year we’ve received 3 DMCA take-down requests on articles that we cover the predatory past of disgraced former YouTuber known as “EDP445.” The articles contain no copyrighted content and the requests come from attorneys who simply do not exist.

Bryant “EDP445” Moreland was outed for delivering X-rated pictures to a girl he thought was underage in early 2021 by Alex Rosen and the Predator Poachers. The Predator Poachers, led by Rosen, set up a sting operation in which they had a minor (a stand-in) speak with Moreland. At the end of their talk, the two agreed to meet at the minor’s residence when her legal guardian was away.

When Bryant “EDP445” Moreland showed up to what he thought was the minor’s address, Rosen and his team were there to capture it on film. EDP445 was extremely distressed and pleaded Rosen and his staff not to share the film, making for an uncomfortable conversation. Moreland maintains he had no ill will in meeting the minor, and that they had just planned to eat cupcakes together.

EDP445 2022

EDP455’s so-called legal counsel is illegally exploiting Google’s DMCA forms to remove content critical of the disgraced YouTuber who tried to meet a minor.

False DMCA notice Google Adsense

A DMCA notice does not only disable ad serving from your entire website, but it also removes the article from Google Search. This is a malicious way of attacking websites that you don’t like and can do a lot of damage.

The chat logs between Mr. Moreland and the decoy, however, revealed that his intentions when meeting the girl he believed to be minor were carnal. He sent many x-rated photographs of himself, sexted her, and admitted he knew what he was doing was unlawful and feared being caught, exposed, and eventually arrested.

Other than Bryant “EDP445” Moreland being permanently banned from YouTube, nothing significant occurred. Moreland was never charged with a crime, but he did take a brief hiatus and then returned to the Internet to salvage what was left of his diminishing fan base.

Multiple of his alternate channels have been banned by Team YouTube for ban evasion. However, EDP445 is still permitted on TikTok, a platform that primarily caters to children, where his “EDPTheOg445” account has close to 70k followers and 1.5 million likes.

EDPTHEOG445 on TikTok

Bryant “EDP445” Moreland has a TikTok account (EDPTheOG445) where he was 10’s of thousands of underage fans cheering him on.

Recently, Moreland has returned to YouTube by engaging in interviews, and he continues to assert that he is the victim of “cancel culture” and that he has legal representation working to remove “false news” and restore his reputation. Moreland also claims he intends to sue Rosen for slander and entrapment, but legal experts believe the disgraced YouTuber has no case.

His “legal counsel” doesn’t appear to be real and, if they are, they are violating copyright laws by issuing false DMCA take-down requests on content that exposes Bryant “EDP445” Moreland’s shady predator past.

We have had many DMCA notices placed on our EDP445 articles. When we acquired the DMCA request information and attempted to contact Moreland’s attorneys, we learned that they are likely not actual individuals but merely Bryant posing as his own legal counsel.

Moreland leaked message

EDP455 leaked direct message exposes predatory YouTuber sending explicit images and texts to a girl who he believed was a minor.

We’ve filed counter-claims to every single one of his DMCA notices and have not ever received a response back which means the articles were restored on Google Search. Each DMCA notice has come from a different person claiming to be on Moreland’s legal team. Each one of these alleged attorneys is impossible to contact.

MORE: EDP has child abuse content on PC/phone claims former friend

Even though we eventually get these noticed removed from our account it is does damage to our business; it has an effect on our reach, our earnings and our account standing.

Further more, Drama Report believes that Bryant Moreland is false reporting our website for “adult content.” We have no proof of this as anyone can report web pages anonymously, however, the only DMCA noticed and Google Adsense issues we’ve had have been over EDP445 articles.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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