EDP445 walks free because of Predator Poachers ‘cupcake entrapment’

Disgraced YouTuber EDP445 who has recently been exposed for sexting an underage decoy walks free because of ‘cupcake entrapment’.

Content creators CC Unit dropped an hour long video where he and Alex Rosen confronted 30-year-old YouTuber Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland with messages of him a girl he believed was 14-years-old. However, the EDP445 sting operation was null and void because Predator Poachers are guilty of entrapment.

Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland had arranged to meet up with a girl who, at the time, he believed was only 14-years-old. But when he arrived at the location he was approached by two members of the highly controversial group known as Predator Poachers. The pair confronted him with the messages he had sent to the decoy.

Alex Rosen and CC Unit even managed to get a full confession from Mr Moreland. At no point did he attempt to lie about his intentions or his guilt. He even openly admitted that he should be sent to prison. That is also the truth about “getting a cupcake” as well, and that may be why the cops have not made an arrest yet.

The (cup)cake is (not) a lie!

Moreland [EDP445] had made plans to meet with the decoy but the leaked messages prove that his intentions were to merely retrieve a cupcake that was made for him. Moreland repeated several times that he did not want to meet with the decoy but eventually caved in when the decoy told him that he broke her heard and that she can never trust men again.

MarshammlowsAlexandra is the decoy

After calling EDP445, MarshmallowsAlexandra says she made a cupcake for him.

Alexandra promised cupcake to Bryant Moreland

The cupcake was used as a ploy by MarshmallowsAlexandra to encourage EDP445 to accept the bait and meet up with her, but when he refused he was pressured.

Predator Poacher guilty of entrapment

Twitch streamer MarshmallowsAlexandra shows EDP445 full chatlog exposing Predator Poachers of ‘cupcake entrapment’!

Bryant ‘EDP445’ Moreland had planned to meet up with the decoy in an actual phone call prior these messages. If the audio of the call exist it has not been made public, nor is there anything to suggest the nature of the call was sexual. The decoy [MarshmallowsAlexandra] had presumably promised to make him cupcakes for his visit as the aforementioned chatlog reveal.

Also, though the entire chat history Moreland never solicited nude photos from the decoy–however–he did make sexually suggestive comments as well as send photos to them, all of which he did on his own accord.

Sadly, this EDP445 sting operation was so badly organised that, not only will Bryant Moreland walk free, but the Predator Poachers group could be found guilty of entrapment.

As sick as it sounds, the ball for legal play is in Moreland’s court. The Predator Poachers did not do their research before diving into such a risky sting operation and now they could be liable for damages against EDP445 and guilty of felony crimes.


Under California law, entrapment refers to a situation where a “normally law abiding person” is induced to commit a crime that he/she otherwise would not have committed. Entrapment only applies to overbearing official conduct, seen in the form of pressure, harassment, fraud, flattery, or threats including, but not limited to pressure (examples include appealing to your sense of friendship/compassion or offering an enormous amount of compensation for committing the crime).

If the Predator Poachers’ decoy, Twitch streamer MarshmallowsAlexandra, had ceased communication with Moreland after he denied to meet up with her, they could have simply used that information to implicate him. It would have been enough. But since she pressured and guilted him into meeting up with her, they could be found guilty of entrapment which would undo the entire case.

EDP445 confronted by PP Alex Rosen

Alex Rosen, aka Chet Goldstein, confronts EDP445 in failed sting operation and is now under investigation himself.

Moreover, Alex Rosen and Predator Poachers’ conduct and handling of the evidence has made it null and void. The fact that they decided to heavily monetize their operation also puts them at risk of being found guilty of defamation. Releasing the evidence to the public before it was handed into to law enforcement also made things a lot worse for them.

But there’s still a chance that Bryant ‘EDP445’ gets convicted, but it has nothing to do with this case. As Moreland admitted, there are, at least, 5 other victims. There’s also video evidence that Moreland messaged other underage girls on YouTube. If any of these victims come forward with more damning evidence and file charges against Moreland he will end up in prison.

EDP445 may be celebrating this as a small victory now, as he boasted in a video he recently uploaded to his Facebook page. He may believe that there is a future in creating more content on his own platform, but the reality is that it is only a matter of time before more evidence is made available and a real investigation follows.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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