CallMeCarson exposed sexting and soliciting nudes from a minor

“Every time I jack off, hard not thinking of you.” Old Discord texts expose Carlson “CallMeCarson” King sexting and soliciting nudes from minor.

Another YouTuber has been exposed being inappropriate with an underage fan. Popular YouTube content creator, CallMeCarson sexted a 17-year-old girl and solicited nudes from her when he was 19. Yet, fans seem to have the streamers back.

Old private Discord messages have been leaked that appear to show Carson “CallMeCarson” King sexting and being sexually inappropriate with a 17-year-old fan.

Carson King

21-year-old YouTuber Carson “CallMeCarson” King exposed sexting and soliciting nudes from a minor!

“All I know I know is that when I jack off now is that I have a hard time not thinking of you.” Carson said in a private message to a fan who, at the time, claims she was only 17.

“I only care about nudes!”

The private Discord messages also reveal that CallMeCarlson tried to solicit “nude photographs” from the underage fans her for months. Back in March, 2019, Carlson expressed that he doesn’t care about her, and only wants nude photos.

“I’m scared I want to talk to you for the wrong reasons,” Carlson sent in a private message. “I only want to talk to you for the sexual part of it.”


SHOCKING! There are no excuses for this: Carson “CallMeCarson” King exposed manipulated a young underage fan into sending you nude photos.

The 17-year-old girl told Carlson that she would not send him nudes and asked him to stop, but a month later it appears she caved to the pressure and delivered.

“I guess my mind got stimulated and now wants more, you know.” Carlson said, hinting at more photos.

“Sorry, I was in school.”

The girl in question goes by Gorl online, and although she may be 18-years-old today, in 2019 when these messages were exchanges she was only 17 and still in high school.

CallMeCarlson would have only been 19-years-old the time which means the age difference is merely 3 years. Others in the community have pointed this out, and although they’ve condemned Carlson’s actions, they don’t think this is as bad as it sounds.

CallMeCarson leaked Discord DMs

CallMeCarson exposed in leaked DMs that prove that he tried to solicit nudes from a minor when he was 19-years-old.

“This is f*cked up. How long is it till the Internet realizes to wait for a response and from what I’ve seen a two year age gap between two people shouldn’t brand someone as a ‘pedo’. Tons of high school relationships would have ended in handcuffs.” Mutahar, better known as Ordinary Gamer online, said in response to a video calling Carson a “pedo”.

He added: To add beyond the character limit, you really shouldn’t get involved with fans like this due to the power dynamic and if photos are sent in this age range it’s something that should never have happened.”

But what about the age of consent?

Regardless of what people think of the situation is, the fact of the matter if — and only if — CallMeCarson received nudes from a minor, he did break the law regardless of the age of consent in Indiana.

While the legal of age of consent is 17 in Indiana the state prohibits sexting by minors. Felony charges remain an option. “Sexting” is the sending of nude or sexually suggestive images electronically, whether through text messaging, social media, chat boards, or email.

It is very unlikely that anything will come of this unless Carson “CallMeCarson” King still possesses photographs of the 17-year-old girl, but it could lead to more girls stepping up and speaking about their experience with him.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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