Frank Hassle being investigated by the FBI for Boogie2988 threats

Controversial Bitchute content creator Frank Hassle is being investigated by the FBI following a dangerous confrontation with Boogie2988.

Frank Hassle is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for his troll video stunt. After months of bullying and harassing the veteran YouTuber, he was ultimately banned from the platform.

Frank Hassle blamed Boogie2988 for his YouTube ban and later revealed that he would be moving to StoryFire. However, the alt-tech video streaming service rejected his application due to his highly controversial content. Hassle had to move his content to Bitchute where his viewership was slowly dying off and continued to blame and harass Boogie2988 for his YouTube ban, going as far as to sending him death threats.

frank at steven's home

Frank Hassle standing outside Steven Jay “Boogie2988” Williams’ home moments before altercation.

Boogie2988 has been very open about his struggles with anxiety and depression on YouTube. He has talked about some very personal issues on YouTube like his weight, divorce, and his thoughts contemplating self harm.

Steven Jay “Boogie2988” Williams even talked about his fears of losing everything after he noticed that his channel was bleeding views by the day. However, a lot of people stuck by the 46-year-old YouTuber because they considered him sincere and genuine.

Steven’s vulnerability made him an easy target to “content trolls” on YouTube and Frank Hassle was one of his most vocal critics. Hassle has gone on the record calling Steven a “submissive beta cuck” who “is begging to be molested” and “raped.”

threatening tweet

Frank Hassle arrives in Steven William’s hometown and sends him multiple messages on Skype and Twitter saying “that he’s coming for him.”

Hassle continued to harass and threaten Boogie2988 by saying that he’s going to go to his house and molest and torture him.

During an interview with Keemstar, Hassle doubled down on his threats and said that he’s going to travel across state and show up at Boogie’s door. Boogie was clearly distraught, and seemed unhinged, during the interview and warned Hassle that he might shoot him if he did show up.

Hassle followed through with his threat and did travel across state to get to Boogie’s house. Newly emerged video footage shows Boogie standing at his front door, pointing a gun at Hassle.

After showing up at Steven Jay “Boogie9288” Williams property and encouraging him shoot him, Frank Hassle claims he took the gun off Boogie and made him perform lewd acts on it.

“This is my home. You’re not welcome here. You’ve threatened my life. Please leave,” an emotional Boogie can be heard saying. “In about 30 seconds I’m going to fire a warning shot if you do not leave.”

Hassle laughs and mocks Boogie telling him to fire the warning shot, and he does.

This footage has allegedly been sent to the FBI a long with a plethora of videos of Frank Hassle harassing and threatening Steven Jay Williams and they are reportedly investigating him.

As for now it seems that Hassle’s Bitchute account has also been scrubbed and Twitter are ready to permanently suspend his account in the coming days.

Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue
Bethany Blue, or Betty for short, is reporter for DramaReport. She covers news, gossip and online celebrity drama.


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